Rain Rain Rain

Earlier in the week I was home as I am every day, I was sitting around having a couple of Vodka Tonics fell a little frisky. Now I live in the country and I have a good view up and down the road. I was sitting there in my lace panties, at the computer just looking at pics on EP both men and women in panties and naked. I started getting horny. So I got up went out side to see what was going on. As I reached the end of the driveway it started to rain. It was a very warm rain and I decided to stand there and enjoy it. With in seconds, It started to poor. It was awesome. I stepped out into the middle of the road and started walking one way and them turned around and walked int he opposite direction. I was getting a hard on through the panties. I started playing with myself. First through the panties and then grabbing my **** and stroking it more and more. I continued to walk in front of the house from one end to the other. Occasionally a car would appear in the distance. I would see if it was coming my way to turn at the corner. If It turned I would stand at the end of the driveway, if it came towards me I would step back behind a tree. All the while I was stroking ****. What a feeling, rain pouring down on me, hard on in my hand and just a few feet from the passing car. I love the rain. What a great day.
de1946123 de1946123
61-65, M
Aug 13, 2010