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I Don't Mind Getting Wet In The Rain

I love the rain. I adore how it cools, cleans and refreshes the air.I don't mind getting wet in the rain. Sometimes when no one is around, I close my eyes, face upwards and with open arms, I embrace it as each drop falls on me. Rain! I absolutely love rain. You know it always makes me laugh. People go outside and it starts raining and they start running like they're going to catch a disease from the rain or something. I think it's only water. I really love the rain. Obviously I like sun too. I think everybody like the sun and I love snow but if I were asked what is my favorite weather, I would have to say the rain because I just love getting wet outside.

natdj88 natdj88 22-25, F 4 Responses Apr 11, 2011

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Wonderful post, thank yu for share! Loved both pictures! The little girl's high jump is very intriguing making me wonder what motion was she performing? Sounds like an exercise of jumping with knees at chests, or was it the segment of a gymnastic floor exercise? Anyway I love the rain too.

a warm rain can be fun and refreshing.

Walking in the rain is alright except when your dressed only in a white cotton T shirt as happened to me last week. With both hands full and in the middle of the little town I live in where everyone knows everyone I got caught in a monsoon. My shirt turned see through and I had comments from loads of people. Not all saying nice things. With no bra or knickers on I left little to the imagination but now have a whole load of new male friends. <br />
<br />
Yes I love walking in the rain but only when appropriately clothed!!