Caribou Ranch Ghost.

Did you know the famed Caribou Ranch might be inhibited by a ghost? Well I say might of because there seems to be some genuine evidence that points to that very real possibility. At least that's what the folks who were with my father, sister and I related to us.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Caribou Ranch. It is a dude ranch that happens to be one of the most illustrious recording studios outside of New York City, New York and Los Angelos California. It was founded by James Wilson Guercio in the mid 70s. The initial singer to record there was Joe Walsh with his song "Rocky Mountain Way" Elton John, Billy Joel, Rod Stewart, Steveb Stills, Waylon Jennings, Amy Grant, David Cassidy; Chicago; Phil Collins; Chick Corea; Rick Derringer; Al Di Meola; Nitty Gritty Dirt Band; Earth, Wind & Fire; Sheena Easton; Dan Fogelberg; Jerry Goodman?Jan Hammer; Amy grant; Waylon Jennings; Billy Joel; Elton John; Kris Kristofferson; L.A. Express; Lake; Robert Lamm; John Lennon; Jerry Lee Lewis; Jac Murphy; Michael Murphey; Navarro; Stevie Nicks/Tom Petty; Tony Orlando; Ozark Mountain Daredevils; Eddie Rabbitt; Bruce Roberts; Sailor; David Sancious; Billy Joe Shaver; Shooting Star; Sons of Champlin; Souther, Hillman & Furay; Rod Stewart; Stephen Stills; Sumner; Supertramp; Ali Thomson; U2; James Vincent; Joe Walsh; War; Tony Williams; Carl Wilson; Frank Zappa and others. My source and Wikipedia.

I wonder how many of you readers are wondering how did my family and I wind up there. Well my father as an executive with Altantic Warner Brothers records. His name is Dave Appell and his web site is at There is a photograph taken in the early 80s of him with the executives and founders of Atlantic Records , Turkish Americans Ahmet and Nasuti Ertegun,

At night the staff and the guests would gather around the fireplace to shoot the breeze. There was talk of a ghost there that would only reveal any evidence of his existence if somebody smoked grass. Believe me there was plenty of opportunity to make himself known. For the record there weren't any famous people there since this was a time of planning and not recording.

The legend was the man who became the spector was once a teetoling man who greatly disapproved of drinking alcohol or any kind of spirit. Yes the spirit who hated spirits. It was thought to be in his own life, he passed away from alcoholism. But before that he became from an inspiring businessman who lost virtually everything in the CA gold rush to a completely debilitated drunkard. So in order to warn others he shows up to show people what can happen if they partake of any kind of drug. It just so happens its Marijuana since that was the drug of choice there.

There was the usual cold spot where he was believed to be haunting. There were rustling and gurgling noises as if some invisible form was guzzling his hard liquer and moaning into the night was a wreck of a man he turned out to be. I thought of how the poor dear man was even on the other side was trying to set an example, to warn others of excessive drug taking. By the way alcohol is a drug too.
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I recorded and lived up at Caribou for a couple weeks around 1978. We drank, smoked and inhaled LOTS of "spirits" in the main lodge where we were living, mostly without incident. <br />
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I don't believe much in ghosts / paranormal things, but I can honestly say that one night "something" was walking slowly and brushed the door of my upstairs bedroom around 3am. I was too scared to open the door. No one else was awake at the time. <br />
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I never heard or saw anything after that night. Supposedly the individual cabin (I believe it was named "Running Bear") was haunted regularly.<br />
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For what it's worth.

I see I wasn't the only one to experience something possibly supernatural. Sounds truly a scary experience. I'll take your word cabin was "Running Bear" I don't recall name of the cabin my dad, my sister and I were in.