I Got Spooked! (UPDATED)

Here is an update to my ghost stories.
The other two I had wrote back in October for Halloween.
This one I had forgotten about that happened to me.
I went to see a Psychic one day. She was referred by a friend who had seen her more than once. So I called her and made an appointment. Yes, I know I have written about how I can do my own reading, yet this time I was not able to see clearly, perhaps I was too close to the subject and my emotions buried it so I could not see what I was informed would take place no matter if I objected. When I met the Psychic, she was an elderly woman. She greeted me and began to walk with me over to a table outside. Right off the back, she already began to pick up stuff about me. We were still walking and I had not even said anything but hello. She said dont worry so much. He wont go through with it. I thought, oh my gosh. How did she know? As we sat down at the table, she turned on a tape recorder to tape our session. The tape was for me to keep so I can listen to it later for things I may have missed or forgotten that was said. She began to talk without asking any questions of me. She said, I am really too worried about them, but they will not get married. They will not follow through with it. OMG, that was exactly why I came to see this Psychic. My son was planning to get married in a matter of just weeks away to a woman who I knew would make a nightmare of his life. Well low and behold, this Psychic was correct. They did not get married as they planned. Perhaps that is why I was unable to see anything about the marriage. It was just not going to happen. I never told my son about this.

Since this woman had already answered what I came to see her about, she asked if there was anything else I would like to know about. I said, yes, and I pulled out an envelope that contained a letter and a picture. She did not even open the envelope. She just put her hand upon it for a moment and took it off. She sighed and said she does not like using this word to describe people, but said this woman is crazy. She said she felt sorry for her as the woman who wrote the letter that is inside the envelope is a very unhappy person, and that its not really her fault. She explained that if she saw a doctor they would give her medicine to take that would make her better and she could be happy, but Ohhhh, the Psychic said. She wont go to see a doctor for this. Its too bad she said. Its better that I do not have anything to do with her as she will not stop to interfere with my life otherwise. I thought, OMG again! This Psychic is really good. The letter was a bad letter written from my sister-in-law. The picture in the envelope was one of me, my high school graduation picture that I gave her years ago. She had given it back to me. She did state in her letter and wrote that she makes it her business to do something about whenever she sees something she does not agree about. She really is a toxic person. She had even written a bad letter to my mother too. 

There were other things that the Psychic said. One was about instructions for me to carry out. She told me, about a bad spirit that was around, and this elderly woman told me to place four raw eggs in my bedroom where I sleep. One egg in each corner of the room for 24 hours. Then throw the eggs away. She said if I hear a sound like a bird fluttering at my window at night, to not be afraid. Its just the spirit leaving. Well, I was skeptical about this, yet did it anyway, and ya know, I did hear that sound like a bird fluttering at my window that night. I had forgotten all about that the Psychic had mentioned about the fluttering noise. I thought, wow, and threw my cover over my head and went to sleep.

Well I don't really like ghost stories, but in the spirit of Halloween I will share a couple of true stories.

One night I heard a repeating pounding or thumping noise on the ground out in the back yard of my mother's house just outside my bedroom windows. I was tired and trying to sleep. I got so irritated by it that I sat up in my bed and opened the window to shout out angrily, 'SHUT UP!'. There was a shrub out front my window and I was trying to see through the branches out to the yard. I saw nothing there, but the wind began to blow and swirl around and the leaves and branches of the shrub out front my window began to sway around and then I sensed something like a force coming towards me from the yard and as I noticed the branches of the shrub begin to part open from the middle of the shrub my eyes grew wide and I felt an overwhelming sense of fear and so I slammed my window shut and threw my blanket over myself. I did not dare to look out from under my covers. I just closed my eyes tight thinking how sorry I was for shouting out at whatever it was. Next mourning I went out into the backyard to look at the spot where I heard the pounding noise. There was no sign of anything that might have disturbed the ground there. I looked at the dogs and said, 'Why didn't you guys bark?!'.

Another time, I was with my friends in a car. My friend decided to take a short cut home and was driving down a lonely dark winding road along side of a marsh. We heard a rescue helicopter fly over head towards the hospital that was on the opposite side of the marsh. As it passed over us the headlight slowly dimmed and went out as did the lights on the dashboard and the car slowed down to a stop. Our two friends in the back seat started to tease us and say, 'come on, stop playing around'. But I was speechless as I was sitting up front and could see that my friend who was driving only had her hands on the steering wheel the whole time. She said, 'I'm not doing anything!'. I tried to open the power windows. They would not work. After the helicopter passed over us the headlights slowly came back on from dim to bright, and the car was back on and began to move. One of us said, 'I wonder if the person they rescued just died in the helicopter above us?'. 
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Oct 28, 2011