Ghost Scratches

My boyfriend would wake up in the morning with scratches on his back after we would have an argument. He began to get really freaked out by it, even went to the doctor. The Doctor said he his clothes are constricted and causing irritation or he was doing it to himself. But ever since we moved out he has been scratch free. I think the ghost was sticking up for me, who knows :) 

They were similar to these scratches. Sucks we never thought to take pictures of them :(

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2 Responses Apr 5, 2012

the condition is called dermographism.......see the pictures of dermographism on google...u'll understand......!!

I probably have a mild case of that. People think its neat how you can draw pictures on my back and it last so long LOL

the scratches arent bcuz of a medical student.....i have seen a similar case in the hospital i study.....its a skin problem.....!! consult a skin specialist.....!! u can diagnose it urself......write ur name on his back with a blunt ob<x>ject..... after sometime u can see ur name like u saw the scratches.......!!

Yes we have considered that to be a cause. But like I said before, it's no longer an issue. It stopped after we moved out. He was examined but the doctor felt it was Insignificant. I'm super pale and I can draw all sorts of stuff on my skin :) But out of curiosity... which skin condition are you speaking about?