World Overflowing With Ghosts

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Have you noticed that ghost hunting is becoming one of America’s fastest growing past times? The fact that ghost hunting shows are increasing ten fold has not escaped our attention either. We asked two simple questions. Is there anything to all this? And if so, why now are we seeing it more prevalent?

After dozens of interviews with professional hunters, we are more than ready to report that in fact it is a true phenomenon that takes place in almost every town across America. Satisfied enough by the proof, which included thousands of pictures, endless recordings or EVP’s as we were told and hundreds of videos, we decided to focus on the why for this article.

Having little to go on, our reporters took the advice of one of the most famous ghost hunting duo’s out there, Rick and Jewel Hewitt who told us to enlist the help of world renown psychic medium Janet Williams. Mrs. Williams took time from her very busy schedule to help us with this piece and it is our sincerest hope that all those that read this will take the advice given by Mrs. Williams.

Settling in for what turned out to be a very long night, our reporters sat in a seance circle with the psychic and channeled dozens upon dozens of ghosts to help us with our story and tell theirs. There was one great message sent by each and every spirit that we contacted. Don’t join the chaos. All spirits that came to us told the same story, they had something that was tying them to this world and even if they wanted to move on they were now trapped between realities in a torment some referred to as Hell. Many were killed and wanted justice for themselves and their families. Some could not bear to leave their loved ones behind and others never understood that they had passed on. For one reason or another they held onto their lives and now have no choice but to walk through this world without a voice.

It wasn’t always big things that latched a soul to this plain, one man had a work assignment he was to do over the weekend and died abruptly that Sunday. He stayed to work and now works day in and day out on that project, over and over. When Mrs. Williams asked this man the date, he replied March 6th, 1947. He had been unknowingly working on that project for over 50 years. As the stories mounted our concern for these lost souls grew. Even if you stayed behind to watch out for your loved ones, you would be condemned to a lifetime of no contact and no interference. Watching their pain without being able to offer a shoulder, seeing their joy without joining in on the hugs.

The biggest concern in all of this is the number of people that are not moving on. With the stress of everyday life, more and more souls are finding it harder and harder to let go. And now they’re trying to contact us at this time to tell us not to join them. Here is the list we were given and the clues to guide us so we don’t follow in the footsteps of the trapped.

1. Let all those you care about know how you feel about them everyday. If you believe that there’s a question of your love, you might feel the need to stay and try and tell them how you feel.

2. Don’t end a conversation on a sour note. If your last words to someone are regrettable, you WILL want to say goodbye the right way and you might miss the light.

3. Don’t take everything so serious. Not only will laughter make you live longer, it will help you move on easier.

4. Have a will. Family members that fight over estates and the idea of not being prepared is a very popular reason for staying behind.

5. Be up to date on your bills. Believe it or not, it’s one of the first concerns of the recently passed. They want to make sure everything is going to be okay at home.

6. Have insurance. The security you will get from knowing your family will financially be taken care of will ease you into the afterlife.

7. Prepare for your death. Burial costs and concerns will tie you down faster than you could imagine.

8. Kiss your family goodbye. Be it when you’re off to work or they’re off to the mall, the thought of that final goodbye kiss is like a warm blanket for the soul.

9. Finish the projects you start. That half built deck needs work, do it while you have the opportunity.

10. Know that the light is paradise and the world will go on without you. You will be missed but those that you love and that love you will grow and prosper from all their experiences, including loss.

For whatever reasons, souls tie themselves to this realm. They may be misled or have regret but you must remember it’s in your past. A greater existence awaits you. One not bound by time and space, one that will reunite you with your loved ones if you seek it.
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Jul 18, 2012