Wierd Ghostly Story! Kinda

My sophmore year of High School, I was a wrestler and in the summer I would go on long runs through the neighboorhood to stay in shape. One day as I was running about half way through my run I started to hear a sound like someone breathing down my neck, it was off in the distance but was clear enough like it was right next to me, I stopped and looked around no one was there. I continued to run a bit and there it was again, this time it was closer to me and I really felt like someone was right there on top of me, this heavy breathing sound like someone was runnng right there next to me. I stopped again kinda starting to freak me out, cause there was no one in sight. I picked up my pace and started to run faster this time. I get about 2 blocks away and there it goes again and again the sound was even closer, the hair on my neck was standing up and I started to get chills running down my arms and my hands were shaking, I felt like someone was going to jump out of no where and scare the crap out of me. When I stopped I saw nothing, but the heavy breathing was constant and hard. I looked around again and I couldn't see anyone. I walked for a little bit checking my surroundings and I look off in the distance and I see this guy on a roof cutting wood with a hand saw as I got closer the sound I was hearing was every few minutes he was cutting a new piece of wood with the damn hand saw, the fact that he was quite a bit off in the distance, made a sound that was like a person who was running. I felt like such a dork and could imagine people in the front windows watching this kid running and stopping every so often looking around at nothing! So no ghost here just some guy and his damn hand saw on a roof top!
cellamaxx cellamaxx
36-40, M
Sep 20, 2012