A Ghost Story Told In My School

Much of my memory about this blurred because I was only 12 when I heard this story. But I remember my English teacher told this story. She was from Darjeeling and she told much of its spooky tales. One of her tales, as I remember , made me so much scared that I couldn't fall asleep. This was the tale of two men who were returning home late night after watching a movie in a theater much far from their homes. They had taken a shortcut which led through a forest. All of a sudden they heard a baby cry. One man thought that it was not natural for a baby to be in a forest like that but the other man protested to take the baby with them. So the second man took the baby and carried it on his back. As they walked, the second man felt as if the baby was getting heavier and complained . The first man took no heed of his words. Later, the baby became so heavy that it began to drag him. Then the first man looked and became pale since his friend was not carrying a baby but a huge, almost 6 feet tall person with a red complexion and shaggy hair. The person caring him was very scared and ran with his friend as fast as they could. They reached a Bhatti, which is called a pub in Nepali. They shared their experience with all the people present in the pub. A waitress bought them a glass of whiskey. One man took it but the other man didn't. They fell asleep in the pub. The next morning the man who didn't take whiskey the last night woke up to find out he had been sleeping in a crematory and his friend didn't woke up because it was not a whiskey he drank but blood. The man ran as fast as he could to his home and rang the bell near of the church. His parents found him unconscious.After remaining unconscious for more than six months, he died.
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