Hawaii Isn't Always Paradise.

In my old house I move out of last, when I took a nap on the couch, I could always hear the sound of a kid dropping a ball or a marble. It happened any time of day, and often I just wrote it off as the kids...nothing to bother me. One morning, I was having coffee with my wife and I heard the sound again and chuckled, "I thought the kids packed all their stuff to move..."

She looked over at me like I'd lost my mind, shaking her head, "Babe...they moved out six months ago..."

No one was living next door...

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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

When i was little, i'd lived with my grandparents in a flat. i used to hear marbles dropping on the floor of the flat above us. Strange thing was it usually happened at night, late night. Sometimes i'd needed to go to the loo in the wee hours and i'd hear it.

Since my grandma was friends with the old couple upstairs, i'd always tagged along when she visited them. One day i'd gone and asked to play with their marbles but the old woman said that she doesnt have any. That night around 1am i'd heard the marbles again. Strange.

10 years later after my grandma had passed away, i moved in with my mom n dad.

And i had heard the same marble noises from the floor above us but get this, we were on the top floor. So above us is the roof and there was no access unless u broke the padlocked door to get up there.
the next morning i'd check on the roof access door and it was still locked.

agreed, my teacher told a similar story about a ghost woman making love to him. When he went to investigate, he found out that he had accidentally disturbed her tomb, which was more than 300 years old.