I heard this story in a winter camp 6 years ago. Our teacher would gather us in the recess and tell us the creepiest of stories. Have ever heard of Kichkandi, a female ghost with no head and the her ankles are turned backwards? This Kichkandi would only attack males. They often ask for lift in a lonely street at the night. In this story, there is a truck driver who had been driving for at least four hours. His stops his truck suddenly when he sees a young woman at the side of the road. He asks her to go with him. She agrees. As soon as she enters his truck, he notices her feet. At first it seemed normal but when the driver looked closely it flipped back. He almost lost his senses and ran as fast as he could. But the woman was still chasing him. At last he reached a temple. Kichkandi can't go near holy places. The driver was relieved. The Kichkandi then pull her own head from her neck and said," You are lucky."
maggiesuper maggiesuper
18-21, F
Dec 7, 2012