The Shaking Doorknob

Our building was infested with cockaraches and other not so welcomed insects and our landlord told us we had to leave for 3 days until they fumigate everything!

And so we departed to one of these decent but no so great hotel rooms , which was quite close to a cementery!!!

The second night of being there , my mom was working until 11 pm and it just me , my dad and sister !

I was relaxing in the bath and when i was drying off the doorknob started violently shaking , it was the door and  the doorknob , as if someone wanted to enter , for a moment i thought it was my dad or sis but then i heard their voices coming from the living room at the same time that this was happening so it couldnt be any of them!


The shaking and turning continued but i didnt get scared cuz i was feeling rather puzzled and suddenly opened the door to find no one !



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Mar 1, 2009