this isnt my storie but my freinds,

my freinds told me of a house that he move into years ago that had loads of scary happings,   he said that toy cars would start up on there own in the kids beadroom when no one was there and seeing figures in the rooms,also his girl used to see some ghost cat i think, and cold chills were the top of the list, doors opening at night,balls rolling on the floor, he said mist was seen in the down stairs room! when he looked into the history of the house it was used like a butchers shop he said, and the was a grate were the animal blood would go! i only have this freinds word on this, ive asked his partner of these stories and of there child seeing things in this house also,  the house next door has seen a ghost pass from my freinds old house to theres through the wall and scared them too but this he tells me was some years ago! he also took the batterys out of the toys to try to stop them moving! ...odear ghost bustters were are you?

theseeker1 theseeker1
51-55, M
Feb 25, 2010