Cute =)

I imagine getting head-butted by a Giraffe would tickle because they have fluffy horns HEHEHEHEHE
TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp
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9 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Oh, well, that makes much more sense! Of course, you are right all the time.... me? not so much :) There must have been a hiccup in the Universe for you to get the giraffe thing wrong :P

No no no I meant me getting it wong =P

EEEEWWWW you have a looooonnnnnggggg time to wait before you're right again. Hey, I talk to myself and that way.... I'M ALWAYS RIGHT :)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA its like Hayley's comet. Only happens once in a hundred years =P

NOOO, that would never do. We have to prove you wrong :)

Well we couldn't have Reece being right AGAIN could we HEHEHEHEHE =)<br />
Told you ;)

LOL I can't believe your friend called the zoo keeper and asked! Haha, you ARE in a fun mood today!!

Well I actuall discussed this with someone, and they called up a zoo keeper, and I'm wrong. But I think its stupid and shouldn't work that way. I WANT IT TO TICKLE!!!!!!!! HEHEHEHEHE

Aaaw, what a cute picture!!!! Hmmm.... you may be right, it might be fluffly and tickle but it looks like that thing could knock me down without any trouble :( I think I'll just sit back and watch it head butt YOU!