Yes! Helps In Shaping Me.

I have had a few over the years abd enjoy them immensely.

Several I have owned:


Yes, a gal can always use a girdle or two. My feeling anyway.
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I have always had a girdle fetish but I was never really girdle dependent until I finally decided to find a corsetiere for a fitting and some consulting. I found to my pleasant surprise once I was fitted in the right kind of make and model girdle plus given some advise how to put on a girdle and keep my stomach muscles relaxed and just rely on a girdle holding me in you get to really love being in a girdle and you do become completely hooked, I am amazed how great I feel. I now wear a girdle everyday without question.

Wearing a girdle gives a wonderful feminine feeling!

These old girdles do faszinate me since my childhood. Years ago I started to wear one every day. Once you get accustomed to girdle wearing you don´t want to go without one again. My wife wonders about what she calls my girdle diszipline. But I feel comfortable being girdled. <br />
<br />
I wonder why most women today don´t wear girdles. They would look so much better.

Yes I love girdles my self I am looking for a vintage girdle with whale boning though the girdles of today seem to bend with you posture and don't support you terribly and when the boning bends it tends to dig into your ribs and becomes uncomfortable if any one can put me on to a girdle that has whale boning that would be greatly appreciated

Okay, now I'm gonna have to get one and try it; think I'll go for the "skirt" type with garter straps.