Aunty Mary's Shop (31)

When I returned fgrom Mrs Goodfwin's Aunty Mary asked me if I had enjoyed myself. I said tremendously and so did Mrs Goodwin. I told her how Mrs Goodwin was quite inexperienced in love matters and how she could not associate with men and did not like the idea of lesbians. It seemed that she could accept me as an inbetweener being neither one nor the other. I lifted up my dress and slip and told her that Mrs Goodwin and I had swapped our underwear and  I was wearing her corselette, flimsy black nylon knickers and her black seamed stockings. I told her that we had slept the night entwined in one another's arms and touching and stroking our underwear and how each of us had come several times without  doing anything alse, as that seemd to be what Mrs Goodwin wanted and it suited me fine too. She said she was surprised about Mrs Goodwin's underwear as she had never sold Mrs Goodwin underwear anything like that and that she must have been going to another shop. Mary then told me to get undressed and have a shower and get some breakfast as she was going out later and I would have to look after the shop.
I went in the bathroom and took off Mrs Goodwin's underwear and the took off my artificial front bottom. After Mary had bought me one and I had worn it and found it completely concealed my manly parts and still let me wee like a lady through the front, she had bought me three more, so I was never withoiut a clean one.  After showering I put one a clean front bottom and was admiring the way it looked in the mirror, Mary came in and said, when you have finished admiring yourself you had better get dressed soon as I am going out later and you will have to look after the shop.
I went into the store romm to look for something to wae amongst the hundred of garments Mary had bought at auvtion. I found one box which contained a girdle. I pulled the girdle on and found it was like a panty girdle but had an opening in the crotch through which I could see my front bottom. Oh it was magical! It was made in a figure hugging elasticated fabric and was decorated with a mirror shine, wet look panel in ther middle and two lacy inserts. The split area was trimmed with soft shimmering elastic for comfort. The girdle had 6 wide satin suspender straps with a golden edging and with strong metal clasps. It had dainty golden roses at the waist line which matched beautifully to the suspender straps. I quicly pulled on my support stockings and fastened them tyo the six suspenders and put on the shoes. I put on a bouffant waist slip and a skirt and then  found a brassiere which was long line with front hook and eyes, soft full cups, a 2" elastic band at the midriff for a smoothing look and with cushioned slip on pads on the adjustable straps. It had polyester 3 section cups with a double fabric centre panel and nylon spandex around the cups. I put in my falsies and pulled on a jumper. My hair was now quite long and I no longer needed a wig, although I wore one sometimes. I did my makeup and presented myself to Aunty Mary.
She asked what I had got on underneath and I flashed up my skirt and bouffant waist slip and showed her the panty girdle with the opn crotch. She said trust you to find something like that although I must say that your front bottom showing through there looks quite realistic.
Aunty Mary left and not long afterwards a customer came in and surprise, surprise it was Mrs Good. She said I have come to return your underthings and she handed me a bag. I said just a moment I'll fetch yours. I took out my underthings and put Mrs Goodwin's in and went into the shop and handed them to her. She said do you have time for a bra fitting and smiled at me. I replied of course madam, would you like to go into the changing room. If anyone alse came I could quickly go out and pull the curtains back.
I stood behind her and put my arms through and caught hold hold of her bosom. I said would you like me to take your dress off madam? She said yes please. I lowered the back zip and pulled the dress down to her waist and then slipped the built up shoulder straps off and pulled down her petticoat. I could now get my hands direct onto her brassiere and i caressed the shiny cups and felt her nipples harden beneath my fingers. She swooned back leaning against me and went all limp so that I had to tighten my grip on her breasts to support her. I put one hand underneath the brassiere cup and direct onto her breast and she started moaning and slipped down onto the floor, gasping with pleasure. After a minute or so she came round and said I can see up your dress you naughty thing and you aren't wearing any knickers are you? I replied do you like what you see? She said yes, and doesn't it look realistic you would never know what was hidden underneath there. I thought some time when she has got more used to me I might be able to show her!
I pulled her back to her feet and said is that enough bra fitting for today? She said yes I think so, I'm still tired after last night, I think I'll go home for a little sleep. I pulled her petticoat back up and then her dress and zipped her up and off she went home.
No one else seemed to want to come in the shop so I went into the bathroom snd started washing my underthings she had brought back. I then looked in the dirty linen basket and pulled out Mary's underwear. There were full cut pink and white knickers, two brassiere, a panty girdle and two slips plus a few stockings and I washed them and hung them all on a line in the garden, getting enjoyment from seeing a lady going passed who was looking most carefully at all the underwear and lingerie I was hanging up.
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Dec 13, 2012