Girl On Girl, Wife On Girl!

What Red Blooded American man doesn't like girl on girl? I think even gay men like it. As for me, I don't like it, I love it. A few years back my wife and I began experimenting with guy guy girl action. It was hot and that is another story for another experience project. However, after several of these guy guy girl meetings, I suggested that we should have or at least try one girl girl guy action; to my surprise my wife agreed. She set out searching for a girl that would meet her standards. After a long search, my wife found a woman, like he, inexperienced in girl girl action. After the internet meeting, my wife told me that the both of them agreed to meet one Sunday afternoon. I immediately said great "lets go." My wife stopped me and said she wanted to meet her alone first to make sure that it would be good for her and that she would not feel forced. The Sunday meeting day came and my wife set out to meet her new found friend.  After several hours, my wife returned and avoided all talk of the matter. Knowing her for the years I do, I shut the **** up. About a week later when we began a love making session, she opened up to me. She told me that they, her and the other woman, hit it off immediately and that they went to a motel to experiment because both were inexperienced in the girl on girl thing. My wife then said that they both kissed, fondled, licked and went down on each other several times. In fact my wife and her now girl lover both shaved each others ***** before they ate each other out.  When my wife related her experience with this woman, I got a hollow feeling in my stomach.  Not a bad feeling, but a feeling you get with sexual arousment and new experimentation.  After this initial meeting my wife met this girl several more time alone before I was brought into the picture. I thought I would be Mr Stud but I became Mr Ogle as I watched the both girls make each other happy. (This ********* is another story) The relationship ended after my wife's meeting her and her fiancé.  My wife did not tell me of the arrrangement fearing that I would be angry. Are you kidding?  I later found out that he joined in, eating my wife out and also f**king her and ******* in her *****.  I remember ******* my wife after she returned home from this particular meeting (We always had sex after her girl girl thing), and I do usually eat my wife out before entering her.  I don't remember tasting *** or anything unusual, but then again, I would be so hot that I most likely wouldn't notice.  She later said that she really didn't want to **** him but the heat of the moment overwhelmed her. The girl right now is married to the guy who ****** my wife, and my wife and her are still on friendly terms.  I guess you shouldn't burn bridges.  I don't think they gotten together since, but who knows.

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Sep 8, 2010