A Beautiful Third Encounter

The first time I saw her in the store, I fantasized making love...the second time I saw her was in the same store, she smiled, it was raining, we made love in my car...for real.My first time with another woman. I hadn't seen her since.
Three weeks have passed since that beautiful day, its Monday morning, I'm back in town to pick up a few things at my favorite store that has just about everything at kinda affordable (?) prices.
I like to browse around the store to see whats new. I wandered over to the Women's clothing Department thinking to myself "These clothes were made for teeney boppers, not me. I saw myself in a full length mirror, an old matronly tank top, plaid walking shorts, crocs...very little makeup...I'm a real fashion plate.
Suddenly there she was. A couple racks away from me. She turned, smiled and said "Hey...how are you...how have you been?"
My God, she is so beautiful...wearing a sundress, great tan..."I answered, smiling "Kinda busy...my husband had a barbecue for his employees this weekend, I spent most of last night cleaning up. He's gone again for a week to Mississippi so I got a few days to be lazy." She laughed and said. "I know what you mean, been there, done it, and got the T-shirt."
We both laughed and the looked at each other smiling, saying nothing. I could feel my first ****** slowly rising deep inside me "My God, what's wrong with me?" I thought to myself.
She was holding four blouses in her hand and said, "I want to try these on...want to come along and let me know how I look?" I swallowed once and answered, "OK, you can see I'm a real fashion model."
She laughed and I followed her to the fitting rooms. A store employee, an older lady, was sitting in a chair, nearly asleep. She stopped in front of the lady and said' "We'll be out in a little bit...we're gonna try these on." The lady opened her eyes, waved us on and went back to dozing. It was a typical slow Monday morning for her.
We went inside the end fitting room, she closed and locked the door. She hung the blouses on a hook, turned and we looked at each other for a moment. Suddenly, our arms were around each other, holding, her warm soft lips meeting mine, our tongues probing, her lips moved to my throat, my head tilted back exposing the curve of my extended throat. I felt the first ****** rise and I exploded. She reached down, pulled my tank top over my head and unfastened my bra. I lowered the straps on her sundress downward, pulling it down to her waist and unhooked her bra. Her lips were on my breasts, licking, sucking my hard, erect nipples. She leaned her head back offering me her soft throat...my hand circled her throat, tightened and loosened gently, my lips kissing and nuzzling, my lips moved downward to her beautiful breasts, licking, sucking tasting each one, each nipple. "This...this is so good..." she whispered
She reach down and unfastened my shorts, pulling them and my panties down. She sat me down on the little bench and I removed one leg from the shorts and panties. She lowered herself down on her knees and lifted my free leg over her shoulder then suddenly she lowered her head, her face into my wet womanhood. Her tongue, so hot, licked me, sucked me, probed deep inside me..I exploded again and again, she drinking all ny warm love juice...drinking, licking every drop of me...
I was shaking so much, I wanted to scream with pure pleasure but remembered where we were. I whispered "Oh sweet God, no more beloved, no more..."
She looked up smliling, I took her hands and she got up off her knees. I turned her around away fron me and pulled her down on my lap. My hand reached around under her dress and found the wet warmth of her panties. My hand slipped under her panties and rested in her womanhood. I gently massaged, and touched her outside and moved my searching fingers inside her. She was shaking on my lap as I brought her to ******* over and over again, her juices warming my probing hand and fingers. She made small sounds deep in her throat, she whispered "Yes, oh yes..."
Finally her body raised up from my lap as her volcano of love exploded one last time. She leaned back and we rested for a few minutes then we both stood up facing each other. Our arms once again wrapped aound each other and our lips met. I could taste my juices on her lips, she took my hand and took each finger in her mouth tasting her own sweet wetness.
We got dresses quickly, and exited from the fitting room. My legs were weak and she also walked slowly. She took the blouses to the sales lady and said "Here, they didn't look right on me." The lady answered "Just lay them over there on the counter" and went back to dozing.
We walked together to the checkouts, she was leaving by the front registers, I was going out to lawn and garden then home.
"Goodbye," she said, I'll see later, I don't know when." I answered, "I look forward to it." One last smile for each other and we left, going different ways.As I walked out I thought "Funny...we don't even know each others names."
Does it matter?
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Don't let her out of your life!!!<br />
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