The Game

A little while ago I decided we were all getting into a bit of a rut. Obviously having two beautiful women competing to give me a fantastic time sexually, with the hope of being favoured in some way, is absolutely wonderful. I can't pretend that it isn't heaven, however, I came to feel that I could have even more fun.

I decided, therefore, that on Saturday evening we would play a little game utilising the wooden pony.

"So girls" I started "we're going to play a little game, well in fact you two are playing, I'll be watching"

"To start I want you both on the pony, facing each other, and just touching *** to ***"

This in itself was quite arousing, seeing these two beauties, totally naked, straddling the pony bar, with their nipples touching. I tied their hands behind their backs and attached them to the poles behind them, then put spreader bars between both of their ankles, then raised the bar so they both had to stand on tip toes. Karen, being slightly taller, had a slight advantage, so I raised her end a bit higher to compensate.

" The rules of this game are simple. There are no rules, anything goes, but there is an object. The object is to get your opponent to 'give in, beg for mercy, agree to do anything, etc"

"The prize is to be served by the loser for the next seven days in any way the winner decides. In addition, the winner can punish the loser as much as she wishes, make her life hell, do pretty much anything short of killing her"

" There is no time limit, you must carry on until someone wins, but I will call a break every fifteen minutes, and provide some water. The breaks will last five minutes, and will rotate between being able to stand on flat feet, having to stand on tip toes, and being suspende in air with your wait on your *******"

" Let battle commence"!

As I rather expected, Karen immediately seized the initiative, by rushing forwards and head butting the unsuspecting Aly. It was a vicious blow, knocking Aly off her feet, dropping her total body weight onto her **** on the cruel bar. She screamed with pain and rage. Karen followed up quickly, by getting one of her feet onto Aly's ankle spreader, preventing Aly from lifting herself off the bar. I wondered for a moment if this would all be over in seconds, but Aly wasn't to be so easily dealt with. She lowered her head, which Karen couldn't prevent, as she was standing up on Aly's spreader, and Aly then put her mouth around Karen's ample left breast, and bit as hard as she could on Karen's left nipple.

Karen screamed, and tried to pull back, but Aly held her teeth clamped, as she pushed forward, knocking Karen backwards onto the waiting bar. With her weight now firmly on her ****, and Aly still chewing her nipple, it was Karen who appeared to be in trouble. Aly pressed home her advantage, pushing forward, with both of her feet now on Karen's spreader, causing Karen to slide back slightly on the bar, which due to the angle, increased the distance between Karen's feet and the top of the bar.

With Karen wailing in pain, Aly released her jaws from Karen's poor mashed nipple, and pushed her head in to Karen's chest, forcing her further back on the bar, but as Aly lifted her head to attack the other ***, Karen got her head down under Aly's chinand lunged forward at her throat. This caused aly to lose her balance, and land heavily on to the bar again. Now it was Karen who had the momentum, and as she surged forwards, sliding Aly along the bar, burning her ***** as she moved, Aly was screaming with the pain.

This was really fun, I was getting so hard watching.

Karen was now at the extreme length of her rope, with her hands pulled up high behind her. Aly was resting all her weight onto her *****, in considearble pain, but this also gave her an advantage. She was able to lift her legs and rotate them through between Karen's ankles, and then pull back on Karen's calves, causing her to lose her footing, and fall back onto the bar. Now it was Aly who had the momentum, and she used it to completely overwhelm Karen, who lost her balance and fell right off the bar, landing on her head and shoulders on the floor, with her feet now held over the bar, and her arms pulled almost out of their sockets in the air behind her.

I decided at this point to call a break. I had to lower the bar right down, to get Karen back on to it, so I deceide to start with a tip toes break. I gave them both some water, then sat on the bar between the exhausted girl, and put my arms around their shoulders. I kissed them both, and told them I was proud of them.

When the five minute bell sounded, I dropped down off the bar and pushed out sideways with both arms, pushing both the girls backwards off their feet to land heavily on their *****, eliciting more squeals of pain. They were both getting very bruised in their most sensitive areas, increasing the pain from such a heavy landing. Especially for Karen, as she is a somewhat heavier woman, not fat, but comfortably padded :)

Anyway, Aly was obviously not going to let Karen have the early advantage again, as she accepted the pain between her legs, then bounced off her toes to dive head first at Karen's right ***. Karen was stil foundering, trying to get on her toes, but now at a distinct dissadvantage as she was further 'up the hill' of the slanted pole. Aly hit her mark, and even though it meant her dropping her weight onto her **** again, she bit with all her might. Karen screamed in agony, and continued to scrabble with her feet, but she was too slow. Aly swung her legs forward, ignoring the pain between her legs, and got one of her feet onto Karen's spreader, she lifted her head as far as it would go, stretching Karen's tortured breast upwards. With Karen in complete dissarray, Aly got her free knee behind Karen's knee, and with a quick flick, caused Karen to lose her balance again.

This time, however, she didn't fall far, as Aly still had her right nipple between her teeth. Aly managed to pull Karen's spreader back towards her, keeping all her weight on it, with Karen's feet now clear of the ground, all her weight and Aly's weight were concentrated on her ***** on the bar. Furthermore, aly was still chewing her right breast which was stretched out by Aly. To finish things off, Aly managed to start a rocking motion, causing Karen's **** and ***** lips to be ground forwards and backwards on the bar, and also causing her breast to be pulled around.

Karen had no choice. She started begging "I give up, please stop!!! I'll do anything...please stop hurting me"

I counted slowly to ten "Are you saying you want to be Aly's slave"? "Yes" she screamed "I'll do anything!!"

"OK Aly, you can let go"

I lifted Aly gently down the bar, so she could stand on her feet at the low end, then untied het feet and hands and lifted her gently off the bar, held her in my arms and kissed her lovingly on her luscious warm lips.

"Why don't you go and have a lovely soak in a hot bubble bath, and I'll bring you a nice glass of champagne to celebrate your win" I suggested "Shall we leave your slave where she is for a bit? She can contemplate her defeat, and worry about her week under your control"

"Good plan darling" she cooed

"Put on a dress when you come down, no underwear, of course"

"Thank you master" she answered before enquiring "Can I be very cruel to Karen"?

"Oh yes" I answered " you must be very, very cruel"

djonlothario djonlothario
46-50, M
Nov 29, 2012