My Fist Time

me and my very sexy neighbors parents were both out of town and we r good friends. i was 18 she was 18 and 2 months younger than me. we were watching a movie at her house and i just said "please tell me u like woman, because i am bi." then she said "ill be right back." then thinking that i had screwed up with her she came back walked up behind me and started making out with me. the when i pulled back i saw her naked and she said "what do u think, Jessica?" then i said "i think u r, Mikayla. and i also think u r more sexier than in my dreams." then i took off my shirt and bra and as we were kissing again she dropped my pants and thong. that was one hell of a weekend and one hell of a girl. we spent the whole night having sex and i will never forget it. to this day we have sex about once or twice a month if not more.
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You lucky girls ,, thats wonderfull,, xxxooo Diane

I hope that was the first of very many more.

hell ya

I am very, very happy for you :)

Your so lucky :)

we still get together a few times a month

Like I said, your lucky :))




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That was succinct. Good story.