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Price Going Up This Year

Just a heads-up to all you GS cookie lovers! They will be $4.00 a box this year! A $.50 cent hike from last year! BAH! Seriously, I think they should experiment for a year by DROPPING the price, and see if they can make MORE money! My theory is, more affordable costs will bring in more customers and more buying! Customers are starting to buy only one to two boxes due to prices. How can they profit this way?!

Why MY concern? Because my daughter is a Girl Scout. Which means "I" sell the stupid cookies! lol. Face it, the parents get stuck doing the selling! Still, I don't mind. I support the cause. I'm just growing frustrated with the MEANS!

On the flip-side, I LOVE the cookies! They store wonderfully in the freezer if need be. Coarse, I've never had to store them; we eat them up too quickly! And I've been experimenting with using the Thin Mints crushed up as a crust for pies! MMM. But careful, this is extremely rich!

emerald emerald 36-40, F 2 Responses Sep 11, 2008

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And as usual, I'll get conned by my granddaughter into buying more that we'll eat in a lifetime. If they would sell them before Christmas I could put a box or two into everybodys gift basket!

lol I'll still buy em! Love those damn things so much. I'll have to tell my mom about using the cookies for a pie crust....sounds good!