Watched My Girlfriend Lose A Fistfight

she started the fight with this other girl that way a lot younger and a lot smaller than gf got in a few good punches but eventually she got too tired and worn out to last and she almost puked and gave up. i was there and saw the whole fight and i didn't stop it when she was losing...i let the other girl win. it really turned me on to see my gf lose and i would love to see a longer and tougher rematch
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you should ask her if she would do it again for you. maybe with other girls that are weaker, so she doesn't get the **** kicked out of her

must have been awesome

My ex (Anna) picked a fight with my current girlfriend (Chloe) 3years ago after a whole lot of bitching and arguing over Chloe flirting with me. Anna figured she was alot stronger and a better fighter and told me Id be next if I flirted back any. Chloe's a gymnast and knows how to wrestle so she gave Anna the most humiliating beating of her life. Watching the muscles in Chloes arms and legs as she lifted and slammed Anna onto the grass and head locked and scissored my ex into submission was a serious turn on. Anna put up a good fight, she wasnt weak, but Chloe wore who down with superior strength and fitness. Chloe won me fair and square and still to this day, rubs Annas nose in it who I swear will be forever jealous of Chloe about everything.

I was out at an Irish bar on St. Patrick's day with a long time female friend, Rene, from my school days. She had gone to the rest room and on her way back managed to get into a fight with another woman. She punched Rene in her belly then pushed her backward where two female friends grabbed her arms. The woman slapped Rene across her mouth three or four times then gave her a few punches in her belly and breasts. Rene was moaning but could do nothing to stop from getting beat up. I was across the length of the bar but saw it happen. I did nothing to try and stop it.....just watched it happen while extremely turned on by it all. Several bar patrons also saw what was happening and stood and were yelling for the woman to hit her some more, which also added to my sexual excitement. The bartenders finally came to her rescue. I pretended I knew nothing about her getting worked over until I saw the bartenders run over to stop the beating. She believed me. At her apartment I tended to her cut lip and sore stomach and talked about her feelings about being held and beaten up. The next day she was feeling better with only a slight belly ache. I told her I was sorry she got beat up but that hearing her describe how she was held and punched was a strong turn on for me. Eventually it led to interesting foreplay experiences in our lovemaking.

plz post more stories if u got any

Sk8 Where on your body were you hit. Did you get punched in your belly, breasts, crotch, face or your back? if your belly, how many times and what did it feel like? Did you grunt? Did you get hit in your mouth? Why did he set you up? That was cruel.

Was she mad at you for not helping here during the beating? did you just let her lie on the ground or did you help her up I bet when she got kicked in the croch she felt sick.

It happened so fast. I didn't see her cry but her eyes were red. She was slapped twice. Mainly they targeted her belly and sensitive areas. At one time it seemed like she received five rapid shots to her belly. Her eyes rolled, her lips quivered and she spit up some. Never full out puking. She ate little that day. I can still see her with her arms pulled back and that fist penetrating into her belly. Her grunts and moans even excited me and I should have help but I just stood there.

This is about a college barrel racer that I messed with while dating another. I wanted to break up with my girl and date the college girl. She was petite with long curly hair. Anyway my first girlfriend and her friends caught us flirting at a rodeo. They grabbed my college girl and twisted her arms behind her back. She looked like a scared deer with those other girls around. I froze and watched. A punch to her belly rolled her eyes. Her shirt was unbuttoned as well as her belt buckle and jeans. She had a small innie navel and yellow bikini panties. They also unhooked her bra revealing her pear shaped boobs. I watched as they punched her in her belly and lower gut. Her fist sank deep into her small bellybutton with each punch. She also received several hard blows near her panty waistband. She grunted loudly and her lips trembled as she breathed. I suggested that was enough and was told to shut up. Several times each breast was punched flat into her chest. She whimpered loudly as her boobs flattened then popped out. At least twenty punches tortured her belly. It was red. From her navel to her panties her belly received extreme punching. You want to have sex with my man, she was asked. These parts won't do you any good. Hard punches smashed her breasts again then she received sharp jabs right to her pubic bone. Her eyes rolled and her body went limp. They let her drop to the ground then another girl kicked her right in her bellybutton with her boots. My ex then told them to spread her legs. Two kicks to her vagina curled her into a fetal position. They then walked away alighting. I can't believe I froze and did nothing.

was she on the ground for a long time?

She laid there a good thirty minutes. Her belly ached for a week and her chest was tender.

was she crying bad did she take any shots to the face did she puke after?

loved it plz post more of those stories

How long ago did this happen? Did she have any other run-ins with your old girlfriend?

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why is that ? I had this happen to me recently .. My boyfriend let a girl beat me really bad and then left with her and dumped me .

what? was the fight set up or was this just a random event? what happened?

I am very sure they set me up

So your BF knew the other girl will beat you up badly and they just set up the beating?

I don't know if he knew she would beat me up but I think he wanted to see us fight and set it up

did you lose the fight bad

Did she jab you in your breasts? Did she punch you in your belly? Did she kick you between your legs? If your BF set you up, I'm sure he told the other girl to punch you where it would hurt the most. That's just me thinking.

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i'm amazed at how many people actually have this fetish! my wife does kickboxing and i somewhat agree with danielc165. i think it's very bad to set up your girlfriend to get the **** kicked out of her. i love my wife with all my heart and when she found out that i enjoyed watching her at the club lose more than winning she agreed to have a real fight set up. not all of us are lucky enough to have someone to fulfill our fantasy but if you don't say anything and just keep it to yourself you will never know for sure. in the past two years we set up three fights on i purposely get her to agree to girls that are way tougher and more experienced than her so that i know she is guaranteed to lose. she consents to it and they are fair and clean fights that she is sure to lose. if we get another fight set up again i'm thinking about asking her to give her oppenent permission to keep beating her for just 10 seconds longer after she gives up. she'll probably say now...but my point is you never know until you ask. do it!

im the same way and i have been as far back as i can remember. my wife (33 years old) got into a road rage/screaming match with two girls about 20 years old a few years ago and this past spring they saw us at a party and said to me they want to kick her ***. guess what i said? ill bring her out for a smoke where everyone goes behind the heart was pounding! i did not want to get caught setting this up! they kicked the living **** out of her so bad and im telling you there is nothing in the world that feels as good as watching this. now that i know who the girls are we eventually became friends secretly and one says if i want she'll do it again but the other one doesn't want to :) :) :)

One girl is not enough ? Are they so weak they must be two ?

it is better to see one hold her while the other finishes her off! the best is when both girls that she's losing against are weak and inexperienced but they still win!

Hmmm. I think you'd have to explain to me why. Is the other girl hotter than your girlfriend? Do you like being the prize? Or do you even know why? I just wonder as my main fantasy is the "Fight For Sex" fantasy.

Yeah's just that it would be better for me to make out with the other girl...but to answer your question, yes

Would you get turned on by making out with your girlfriend after she wins the fight?

Would you like this to happen again with your wife dear?

ana1111 is it bad that he wants to watch her lose? what if she was willing to lose to turn him on?

wow dude we need to meet lol

i regret not doing that...if i ever see her i'm going to kiss her -- heh and maybe a lot more