The Love For A Woman's Perfect Round Butt

My very first girlfreind had a perfect round butt and she was the love of my life.I was only 16 at the time and i would stare at it untill she would say stop eye-balling my butt.The first time she let me touch it,I was in love that soft tender feeling that a women's butt has is mind blowing'' I think a woman's butt is just gorgeous and to hold it and rub it up and down is the greatest feeling on the face of the earth.Call me a buttman or butt lover but the Butt's on women are the greatest gift to man kind.women with bubble butts are like a god to me they are amazon''Keep those butts looking good,just another butt-lover,thank you for letting me share.
hillbillyjoe hillbillyjoe
31-35, M
2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

One night I was playing with my girlfriend . She is skinny and has a small butt. I inadvertly poked her rectum and she came all over th place without me in her.

Sounds like you're talking about my ex wife.... she had a gudunkadunk..... even after a few years of marriage I could never get enough of the "eyeballing" of her ***... she had very small **** but her *** surely made up for it. She was also a screamer and holy crap did that take me over the edge.... I still love her *** and we've been divorced for 15 years!!!