Girls Have Such Beautiful *****.

I love a girls boobs and *****. They are so pretty, unless either one is to big. I kinda want a man now, but I have more expereince with women . They weird thing now is that I want to be a woman. It's kinda freaky to me at this point. I'm girl now.
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3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

I want to be a woman too. I have always been a lil femme and have a small physique and penis. Its natural for me to be drawn to lacey stuff and swish in a cute skirt. I want to date a young guy and wear a tight skirt and carry a purse like a gal.

women's hinnies are amazing just so beautiful i can understand why u would do the change

I'm very much the same way. Although I am more attracted to Tgirls. Partially because they have nice boobs and ***** but also more importantly, because they have she sticks. Hey and it's not just the physical thing. I love talking and really getting to know them. Guess its because I want to be a girl also!!!