What Should I Do?

I accidently posted this in the forum, I think my story shoud go here....

She is a co-worker who is training me at my job. She is hot, about 25 years younger, and divorced with 2 kids... She has no idea of her affect on me, but she has accidentally flashed me with a few looks down her blouse. Today she bent over to put papers in the file cabinet, and just above her incredible derriere was a partial view of a ornate "tramp stamp" tattoo. I was aroused beyond belief. I want so much to see more, but should I? I am shy, on my 3rd non-sexual marriage, and not sure if I should, or even now how to make my feelings known. Her "Butt" is the only thing on my mind!

MtnMan54 MtnMan54
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1 Response Aug 1, 2010

there's only one thing you can do mate<br />
<br />
force yourself onto her in the staff room<br />
(*tip* lock the staff room door beforehand)