I Love Butts And Men Loves My Wife One

what do you think about my wife's butts ? usually men look at her
apet apet
36-40, M
7 Responses Aug 6, 2010

Pretty damn good. Go ahead and check out my wife's.

You are a lucky, lucky LUCKY man ;)

Just what i needed this morning a release thank you can i see more?

I think that I am in love with that ***!

That literally caught my breath for a few seconds! sort of begs the question what you're doing on this site! jk

Holy crap, that's hot.

ummm ah<br />
oh jesus<br />
<br />
i would love those pair of meat balls<br />
oh your wifeys butt butt oh butt oh butt<br />
<br />
I forgot to zip off my pants falp to get shut<br />
I dreamt and dreamt those pair of butt<br />
<br />
i dreamt i had a oilveoil massaging them round and round<br />
kisssing them up and down eating them before my **** pounced<br />
seprating those buttered like *** till i see those shaved slit<br />
then open them kissed and finally split<br />
<br />
I gave her a doggie **** pumped till it got red<br />
oh oh jeasusus waht a fun I had<br />
<br />