Butt Massage

I'm a massage therapist, and I give a nice discount to student clients. I have spent many years improving my massage, and I always leave my clients in heaven. My little secret is that I enjoy doing it so much, that I'd probably do it for free. I love rubbing warm oil all over a stranger's body. If a female client is nude under the sheets, I always spend extra time working on the butt and getting it very relaxed. I love massaging butts! I love that moment during the massage that I realize that my client isn't wearing underwear because that means I can roll back the sheets and massage away without any fabric to stop me. My favorite is when my client is enjoying it as much as I am. I may be weird, but I give fantastic butt massages.
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3 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Every guy would love having hot women come to them for massages... you are luck y to have such a fun job!

That sounds wonderful!

It is! I have been working on improving my techniques, and I have gotten to where I can systematically relax each tiny muscle in your butt. The worse part is that most clients only schedule an hour, so I don't have very much time to give a proper butt massage.

I LOVE getting a good butt massage!

Me too! I always ask for one when I'm getting a massage.