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There is just something sexy about a beautiful woman in a button down shirt. I have always loved this look!  
Percheron Percheron 41-45, M 3 Responses Sep 24, 2010

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I first discovered how men like button down shirts when I was 16 and started dating boys. I also learned to appreciate the difference between a woman's button down shirt and a man's. At 16 I was attending a prep school at the time where we wore a uniform. We had two types of tops to compliment our short light blue plaid pleated uniform skirts...a cream colored polo shirt with a long sleeve sky blue crew neck sweater and a second top consisting of a white button down oxford shirt with school tie and navy blue blazer. As you can guess one outfit was for more daily school wear and the other worn for special occasions, ceremonies and mixers with other schools. You probably also know that the difference between men's and women's shirts is that the shirt for girls is fitted at the waist and the hem is short and scalloped so that it fits just beneath the waistline of the skirt by a few inches in contrast to the much fuller cut man's oxford. Since we girls were wild with hormones we were always looking for ways to make us look 'sexier' to the boys besides the universal rolling the waist up to 'shorten the hem' and expose more of our gams. Those of us who were lucky enough to have larger breasts, in the range from double B cup and more used the girl's fitted oxford shirt to great advantage. By wearing a shirt that was a size or two smaller than the regular shirt it fitted our torso like it was practically painted on and had an enhancing effect of a small waist with flared hips jiggling the pleats of a short skirt. Girls with 'nice' **** now had a very observable 'rack' especially with the school tie flowing over and between her mounds. It was like a flag singing out Rod Stewart's song, 'Dontcha Think I'm Sexy!' ... which of course, by the amount of tongues hanging out and erections sported by the boys... was a great affirmation. I always loved the moment when I was with a boy I liked for the first time and I removed the school blazer. As I diffidently placed the garment aside I would observe the way his eyes would glide down and remain fixed on my bosom with mouth agape like a tourist first gazing on Mt. Rushmore. I don't recall receiving such a degree of reaction from wearing the polo shirt so I have to thank that oxford shirt for the many pleasant hours I had snogging during those preppie years.

In college I learned to appreciate the assets of a man's button down shirt. When I first had a steady boyfriend for a lover I would sometimes stay over in the apartment he shared with some pals. In the morning instead of putting on the outfit I wore the night before I would put on one of his t-shirts or button down shirts to go outside his bedroom into the general area of the apartment. Now while each garment had its merits for covering the panties worn underneath by scant inches and just barely preserving modesty, I was surprised that my boyfriend (and his housemates) definitely were more aroused by the oxford shirt! It was much 'baggier' than the t-shirt and obviously hid my curves but nonetheless when I wore that shirt it was like catnip to a tomcat. It never took long...barely minutes would pass...I could barely finish the coffee and corn flakes when my aroused mate would pull me back to his bedroom where he would ravish me for the next couple of hours...while I was wearing the shirt! MMMM, my goodness, those were happy and satisfying moments. Three cheers for the button down shirt!

Oh indeed. My girl wore my navy kahki shirt, nothing else, and it was so very sexy. We were in a spot where we could be a bit exhibitionist without causing trouble, and we went outside and she laid in the grass and we did the whole thing with traffic rushing by some 200 feet away. But it all started with how turned on I got, and she liked was turned on by showing.

My fiance looks hot with a button up shirt on and no jeans. Especially when it's one of my button up shirts and she's only 5' tall. Has driven a few friends and my uncle to take many, many glances.