I am a 21 year old man, and I am 5-1. My senior year of college starts next week, and I just moved into a house with some friends, I also met my new academic advisor, now that my old one retired. She is 26, and about 6-4. She went to my college, and was on the rowing team. I walked into her office and instantly noticed how beautiful and tall she was. She looked at me, like I was out of place and asked if I was in the right place. She introduced herself and said she would treat her advisees a lot different than we are used to, because we are close to her age. We discussed the start of the new year and that I would need to select classes soon, then, she stood up to shake my hand at the end of the meeting, but she laughed and got into a crouch and hugged me goodbye, it was super embarrassing. The next person came into the room for the meeting, seeing that we were done, and she laughed at the scene, and advisor, fully crouched over, to be at my eye level, and I was just fully turned on.
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Tall is sexy

That's hot.