Hi ep...I wanna share abt my desires over girls sweaty armpits..I don't remember hw it all started bt my desire, fantasys over armpits increasing day by dya...when I get a chance to see girls wd sleevless dresses, and gals wearing pink, green , yellow dresses in which their armpits sweat clearly seen, I jus forget myself, world around me, and keep seeing it...when I got a chance to do wd my gf,, who got sexy curvy figure, I brouht her to my room.. And I started kissing , licking her face, neck..as I came downby kissing....imreached over a spot wch is my fav. Spot..SWEATY ARMPits...wow her sweat patch is clearly visible in green tshirt....I jus kisses dat spot gently,,, and her smell stucked to my nose.....wow what sweet, salty odor..a sweet fragrance......I breathed all of it deep into myself. .... I lost all of myself int dat movement.aand I keep on roming on dat place again and again....and kissed...since den my love towards armpits increasin daily....I am waiting enthusiastically for dat type of experience again...
Akfinian Akfinian
26-30, M
2 Responses Aug 24, 2014

Count me in.

I love sweaty leotards :) They smell sooooo good I get lost in a dreamworld.