There Is No...

...more sensual expression than female ***********. To me, it is indicative of the most pleasurable ****** possible.

I learned of this phenomenon while in my 20's, back in the 1960's. When a girlfriend **********, she always profusely apoligized, even though I would comfort them and tell them it was okay and it was a real turn-on. Soon I realized that it most often happened when the girlfriend was riding me (on the top), and that it must have something to do with how that position felt to her. I began experimenting while doing manual and oral stimulation and found out I could often bring them to the same end that way, too. While any time a gal does it is special, I particularly enjoy fingering her to *********** while driving home for further fun - she ends up with soaked panties (another big turn-on for me!) and I have to lick my hand clean! Yum!

Bill610 Bill610
70+, M
1 Response Mar 12, 2010

Women who squirt are the hottest women alive! Yum! ;)