Nude Is Better!

i myself sleep naked whenever possible and love the feeling, it is so much more comfortable and relaxing!

i also like girls that sleep the same way for multiple reasons. 1) much nicer to snuggle up with, lol. ; ). 2) they are more likely to be less self-conscious and more open sexually. 3) they will wake up more refreshed in the mornings once they get used to being nude. and 4) even if you arn't up to a stage in your relationship where you are having sex then you can still sleep nude with them and get pleasure and get more comfortable around them.

sadly i know many more girls that sleep in night wear then nude but it is definitely a standard requirement for any of my GFs.

by the way my list is just based on what i have heard and what i experience by sleeping alone nude, i haven't ever slept nude with a girl before but i plan to! lol.

18-21, M
2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Lucky for anyone that sleeps next to you then : ).<br />
Just way more comfortable though isn't it.

I only sleep nude :)