Anyone For Tennis?

When I was in my teens, I worked part-time pumping gas at the local gas station, and one day this couple came in and the VW bug (old) was being driven by this gorgeous girl dressed for tennis, and her b/f or husband was in the passenger seat.  The old VWs had the gas-tank in front, and to get access to the filler cap, you had to raise the hood.  I was on the driver's side, hose at the ready (how prophetic ) and as I un-screwed the cap I looked down through the gap in the back of the hood, through the windshield, and was treated to the wonderful sight of a beautiful white triangle of panty-gussetted crotch, with just a few strands of hair escaping from the sides, legs spread wide as she was reaching into the back seat for her purse!   I started to get hard, and I don't think either of the occupants noticed! but I almost lost it and any more of her wriggling that gorgeous backside on the seat would have caused me to cream my jeans.  After they'd gone, I relieved myself in the bathroom, but the sight of that delicious bulge is still with me!!!
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May 29, 2012