This Is My Most Kept Secret.

It all started when I was roughly 6 years old when I got punished for flushing a face cloth down a toilet. I remember being fascinated with destruction and and doing something secret and seemingly wrong. But from then and on I was really cautious when I went to the bathroom. I started holding my poop in and I didnt really start having a problem with it until I was 9. That's when I held my poop in no matter what cause I was too lazy to run inside and use the bathroom and I hated doing chores so I would clench my buttcheeks as hard as i could to avoid pooping but my *** ring itself wasn't contracted. Any ways in the same age I started to stealthly pick the crap out of my butt and wipe it on things and smell it and it felt so wrong it was right. 

I did that for a couple of months until my parents caught me going inside with poopy hands at age 10. I lied to them and I told them that I fell into a pile of dog crap cause I was petrified to let them know. Then around the same time frame as that I went inside with ****** hands again cause I kept refusing to go poop in the toilet. Then I got caught poop-handed and everything. I started coming up with every excuse available but nothing worked so they forced me to show them my underwear and I started crying, apologizing, and promised to never do it again. We'll it failed. I didn't have poop on my hands but my parents checked my underwear and started yelling at me. She warned me that she was going to tell my doctor if it were to happen again.

I started pooping in the toilet but I'd hold it in, past the moment of excretion, and run to the bathroom like an emergency. That's all I did from then on till the age of 12. No more scooping poop out of my pants a little at a time in public when no one was around. Yay! Well anyways, I did not know how strong of a fetish I had till I was 13 and on. When I was 12 I simply *********** to online pictures I'd search seemlingly always successful get past the parental controls set. I was so distracted by the new act of ************ and actually having ***** that I would be fine with one scarce picture of boobs.

When boobs got too norm I went to finding pictures of vaginas. Great! Then I morning wood always happened and I always just wanted to **** myself for some reason. The fasination finally took grasp and I pissed all over my bed and ***********. I felt like king until the moment reality smacks you in the face like, aww crap I have to dry my **** soaked bed, the laundry, the whole secret agent thing not getting caught. Then the very next day I got really horny in the basement from taking a hammer and smashing toy cars, which I totally wasnt supposed to do, and thinking about ******* and this time pooping myself.

So I ******** down to my undies, stood over a newspaper and pissed, knelt down and pooped, sat on the ****-soaked newspaper with poop smudging all around in my undies and beat off. I think it was one of the most pleasurable and intense ******* I've ever had in my early teens. Ever since then I privately pissed and crapped myself but have never gotten caught for it being my fetish. I'd feel strange going and hanging out with my friends after doing something like that. I always felt like an outcast.

Anyways that obviously turned into me searching the web until I found tube websites that have girls ******* and crapping and crazy stuff. I,ve been enjoying it ever since. I even watched it yesterday on Anyways. I cannot get over the sight of girls straight up dumping their panties, and the wronger the setting of it, the better, such as panty pooping in public. I like this one video that people with my fetish can definately relate to. It's called Scat Trudie Is Tied To The Radiator. She acts all desperate and craps herself beautifully.

Any way, I can declare this fetish as a fantasy but I like this website to talk to others with simular experiences and fetishes. Now that I dont feel too outcasted anymore I would like to eventually down the road meet a girl who likes doing the same things I do sexually. I would love to hear from anyone! And I'm willing to talk either on this website, AIM, or e-mail.

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