Pooping Discipline

i was about 14 years old when i had this unforgettable experience . my teacher at the time phoned my mom, telling here how bad i was and not respecting her.
on my way home i develloped a bm. i could feel my tight butthole pucker wide from the presure.

i knew something was wrong, i walked in the backdoor of the house, and saw mom sitting at the table with the cane lying in front of her.

after i greeted she asked me if i have something to tell her, at witch i replid "no?" "your teacher phoned me about your attitude." "go wait in your room!"
"i could feel preasure on my bum hole and this time icould feel it pressing in to my tight underpants.

"but i have to go to the bathroom!"
"for talking back you will receive another 6 strokes."
"bedroom now!"
i walked to by bedroom and fast short steps followed soon after. mom slams the door and angrily glance at
"pull down your pants and bend over!"
i bent forward with my hands on the bed.
with my legs together i tried to hold my now puckering ******* closed but with no sucsess. i wriggle and squirmed and ended on the floor.
"now ur gonna get it, get up and come here!
"bend over and touch your toes!"
i pulled my underpants tighter over my cheecks and slowly started bending forward. when i reached my knees, mom turned me so she could have more swinging space, ending with my tigtly streched ligt blue underpants facing the mirror. mom pushes down on back, a sighn for me to bend over further. i could feel my cheecks part. "i have to go pooh!"
"one more word and those underpants come down!"
i have to count every stroke out loud.
1.....2..... 12 i part my legs and in the mirror i can c welts through the material. 15 16 my ******* slowly opens under the preasure. it slowly starts pushing out 20 21 22 i feel a sharp pain as a enormous log purtrudes through my now tigtly streched sore bum hole. 25 26 i look back and admired the thick blunt point pushing out my undies. "what is this?" mom asks and yanks down my pants. " bend over, we are not done yet!" i bent forward and more harder strokes follows. i look back and can clearly see a 4 inch thick blunt log forcing my butthole to a deep dark pink. 33 34 35 so vulnreable! finally the 1 foot log hits the carpet 38 39 40! the caning stopped. its over!
fatturd fatturd
31-35, M
Mar 16, 2011