Big 5hits Everytime From My Dirty 5lut of a Girlfriend just started dating a girl and she turns out some beauties! Amazing really because she is so slim that such a slender girl can do such monsters! always prided myself of my 5hitting habits, twice a day without fail. I try to time them so i do it in the works toilets as i always leave skid marks and pebbledash and basically much happier to do that to their lavatories where women i don't know, are paid to clean the toilets 3 times a day rather than my own toilet which is seen when she's cleaning it weekly by a lady I know very well. If i have to go at home i try to make sure i hit the water with it rather than all down the back of the bowl which is the case at work! However Mandy blows that out of the water (literally!). On several occassions she's left some whoppers in the bog when left for work and been in when my cleaners come on her regular saturday morning. 1st time my cleaner found it she joked to Mandy that I must have been constipated to do such a huge 5hit. Fair play to Mandy she didn't let me take the blame tho, but quite proudly said it was hers and then added that it was probably bigger than normal because i'd been f1.1cking her up the ar5e the night before for ages and my thick peni5 had really stretched her bumhole out. She even added that i'd not shot my load in her back door tho but instead straddled her and pumped the lot all over her face! My cleaner looked very embarrassed apparently and couldn't believe Mandy had talked so openly about our sex life, the girl really has no shame! Yes she is completely filthy, in the best kind of way and thinks nothing of pulling her knickers down in the lounge when we're watching a tv film she's engrossed in and instead of going to the toilet she'll bend forwards in front of me and coil a huge 7urd out her tight little brown hole onto the coffee table. She'll then wipe her bum but rarely has time to pull her panties back up as i.m usually by then pulling her tee shirt and bra off and giving her pert little breasts a good squeeze. Mandy then needs little encouragement and is soon knealt on the floor undoing my jeans then pulling my undies down before giving me a 8low job. The steaming log on the coffee table doesn't not put me off and within 10 minutes i am usually unloading 7 or 8 big splats of ball juice down her throat and true to her word she never wastes a drop. We may have missed 10 mins of the film but i'm sat there very content with a well sucked c0ck and a totally empty pair of 8alls. My cleaning lady resigned soon after, whether it was Mandys turds or talk i don't know. She gave me a months notice so in the last 4 weeks when she was working her notice i made sure i used the home toilet for a cr4p at least once a day. My word she earned her last months wages as every saturday she had to spend a good 20 minutes each cleaning all of my 4 toilets. I made sure every one had a good splattering of 5hit for her to have to scrub off and in most cases left all 4 bogs not flushed with 1 or 2 of Mandys monster turds lodged in the bottom. After that Mandy asked me not to employ a cleaner as she had worked as a chambermaid in a large hotel for a few years and was quite happy to do my cleaning and we'd spend the money we saved on ourselves. I am quite happy with that especially that she likes to wear a very tight maids outfit while she's doing the cleaning chores. There's been some great sex since then as she always wears black stockings and suspenders under the uniform topped off a pair of very skimpy lacy red panties. She rarely gets her cleaning duties completed without me catching her in a very compromising position usually bent over in the bathroom either wiping the bath out or cleaning the toilet after my ar5ehole's gone into meltdown after a good session on the beer and left it looking like 20 squaddies have had a 5hit in their! The temptation is too much, one glimpse of her little red knicks and i'm reaching for the waistband of her laceys and the zip of my flies! I fu.cked her the other day her knealt on the toilet seat while she was still holding the toilet brush as she'd only just started scrubbing my huge spread of pebbledash off the rim around the top of bog. It was an early morning quickie as i had to get to work so i didn't even rip her knickers down, just pulled the gusset to one side and fingered her with one hand while my other hand was easing my pants down, hauling my swollen willy out of my boxes shorts before guiding it slowly up into her tight well shaven 19yr old pu55y. She gasped as i buried the whole 8 inches up her before frantically pounding her hole until she let out a big squeal as she 0rgasmed loudly still knealt on the half cleaned toilet. That was the signal to have my fun now and quickly pulled out my stiff d1ck, stood back a foot or so and held my tool in a perfect position to watch a fountain of my creamy j1sm splatter out in thick ribbons all over her red and black underwear. "Looks like they'll need to go in the wash if you've hit my undies with as much spun.k as you've hit my backside with, feels like someone's turned a water cannon on, all over my ar5e" . She laughed as i told her to turn around and lick the drops off my c0ck that didn't reach her little bum area. As usual she did what i asked and my parting shot was "and make sure that toilets clean for when i get back from work, its curry on the menu at lunchtime so you know i'll want a good 5hit when i get home"
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