Girl Vs Loo

I have had this dream since childhood, details might have changed, but the essence is constant. It's powerful and beautiful, and it turns me on like mad.
Girl enters bathroom. She's a bombshell (about to explode).
Girl hikes up skirt to expose a perfect bottom.
Girl pulls down panties, quickly getting seated
far up front.
Girl catches breath, *** widens, and
slowly, slowly,
the fattest turd known to man, works it's way down the bowl.
Touching the water slowly, still attached to Girl.
Touching the bottom slowly, still attached to Girl.
Bending, curling, slowly folding, finally breaking near that perfect ***.
Thud. No water seen in bowl anymore.
Girl doesn't end it, next turd hardly fits
on top of the first.
Girl grunts, now starts to push.
It never seems to end.
And when it does, it's a pile
almost touching that perfect bottom.
Girl casually wipes.
Girl casually rises.
Girl casually pulls up panties.
Looking, reaching for the handle.
Toilet fills up.
Toilet overflows.
Girl casually walks away.

Lassek Lassek
36-40, M
May 10, 2012