Thick Turds From Women

The biggest turnon for me is to see a girl spread her bottom cheeks, exposing her anus, then watching her anus open wide letting out a huge thick turd. The thicker and longer it is, the better! It makes me so horny to watch this!

curious48 curious48
51-55, M
8 Responses Oct 30, 2009

same here!

my wife use to use my mouth as her she could **** out a big turd.they would almost choke me as they made their way down my throat.she wouldn't let me up untill she had finsh ******** and i had lick her clean.i get very excited just thinking about it.

It's been a secret fantasy to me for a long time.

a beautiful woman who is able to give me a big thick brown turd is my queen<br />
i adore watching beautiful women pooping

hell yeah i *** good watching a GOOD looking blonde take a big dump.....<br />
then i wanna do her in the anus till i ***


Oh yes! Thick and firm! I like to see a good hard turd poke at a woman's diaper or panties!

Yes! I love a woman who is blessed with huge poo poos on a regular basis..Well formed, anywhere from 2inches to 6 inches in diameter and short to long in length. If you read this women, I'd have so yearned for a woman like you to spen my life with. I get so very turned on by this.