Just A Dream

i dream  one day i can meet a nice petite young lady who loves a big turd in her pants. take a trip through the dessert on  small hwy. s  every day eating food that takes a while to diegest. after a few days of that  go eat a big mexican meal and have alot to drink then put on some tight capri pants  light yellow color they have to be tight but a little strechy. naybe go to a picnic area in the morning where we just relax and wait for the drinking and mexican food to force the big load that been building. i would sit at the table facing out as she stands right in front of me facing her *** right to me. olmost eye level.as her tummy craps more and more she sit down on my lap and then has to stand back up and bend over right in front of me. as she trys to hold it for as long as she can bulding more and more pressure and mass. she has a turd so big  long and round it s almost going to hurt comming out. but we have all day and the pressure is building more and more. right in front of me rockin back and forth holding her butt cheeks together with her hands , every thing she can do to keep it in. untill i slowly rub her leggs so gently and  so gently rub her *** as she has no way to hold any more her body spasms and jerks as she wants this so much too. damp between the legs but not wet. i feel the heat from her body as she is shuttering ****** befor she even sharts her movement. maybe she becomes perfectly still as my hand feels more heat and i feel something start comming out. she moans with pain and pleasure i feel it touch my hand and stop right there . so gently i cup her big turd in my hands. then the inside pressure builds up to rid her body of this big load. she bends over forword tighting her pants to her *** as it trys to push out it does not have any room to come out nore ang more pressure builds and it pushs its way out into my hands slow and steady. its so firm it has a hard time bending but it has to now the pressure is to great. it the size of a can of corn and hard . as it reachs the most it can come out befor bending i have to help it but just ever so little  as i push it to the side just a little it comes out just a little as it won t stop for any thing now i guide it out slow and steady as it is sticking out 5 inchs with so much pressure it bends in half and i push my finger close to her ******* as the new part pushs out i hold it there for just a ninute as it pushs and wants to come out more and more. then i let all pressure off and it come out the full 5 inchs and stops at where her pants stop it agian. it s like a building in a earthquake shaking and wants to fall over i hold the first poop in one hand and the new poop in the other. i feel it bending and making  more room it needs to come out completly. her yellow pants look like she has two cans of corn in her panties. so firm and hard i start to slowly flaten them pushing into her firm butt cheeks. now she has a wet spot as she is so hot from this  ooo the heat.now the softer potato poops start as i make room the come out and its like fast poop it one second it her *** opens pushs out potato poop and it s like it was fired from a gun and flaten out as soom as it comes out. i feel it shoot and flaten out .one after another.stacking up like pancakes hot and wet starting to brown stain growing steady. i can feel the wetness now as i rub so softly with my hands watching to brown stain get bigger and bigger. then i ease her down on to my lap slowly her weight is not enough to flaten the load right away she sits and slowly comes down as her load flatens as her load finally flatens out and parts to the left and right my **** as hard as steel or harder come to rest agian her ******* in a warm wet poopy heaven. i could sit like this forever.i feel wetness she has come so much it looks like she has peed her pants. my stomach starts to rumble and she hears it. she says i want you to....................................... well you tell me.

stevewet stevewet
36-40, M
Nov 10, 2009