Sniffing My Panties

I love sniffing and licking my own panties and I know more woman do this but are to shy to admit it. I get so hot when I take off my panties and bring them to my nose. My aroma is a real turn on to me and it makes me even wetter. I *** so hard and fast when I sniff my panties and lick my panties. I love fingering myself while I am sniffing my panties or using one of my toys inside me, I have even stuffed my panties inside me and pulled them out, I love how wet they get and how strong my juices smell when they have been deep inside me. I have always enjoyed sniffing my panties and licking my panties and I know exactly why my husband and other men enjoy sniffing panties. I wonder how many of my boyfriends growing up sniffed my panties or my sisters panties or my moms panties. I would have liked to have caught them and told them that I also enjoy sniffing panties and licking panties. Growing up I sniffed all my friends panties, there sisters panties, and there moms panties. Check out our profile for more about us.
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2012

Would love to buy a nasty smelly paid to sniff while i jack off!

Thats hot as hell 8)