So, I now have a girlfriend. We have know each other for a long time but just started to see each other romantically within the last 6 months. I'm wondering when/if I should tell her about my love of tights, leotards, and pantyhose. I've kind of dropped little hints here and there and, she is even going to dress up like Catwoman for Halloween this year but, I kind of want to be honest with her and tell her the whole story. Is this something I should do now or continue to drop hints and wait for her to either pick up those hints or just come right out and ask me if I have a fetish for those things? Any advice?
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Better tell her now, so she know your into females wearing pantyhose. she just might love to wear for you. if you can get her to wear pantyhose then the next thing is pantyhose sex. cut out the cotton center of the pantyhose. so you don't mess up the pantyhose and she can keep wearing them out with you. so when you and her get horny in the car you can have pantyhose sex again. she might even let your feel her legs and feet in pantyhose. i find the best part of a female wearing pantyhose with 5 1/2" pumps is when after a long day with them in pumps and they take off the pumps and wow the feet clad in pantyhose turns me on and i put there pantyhose feet in my face. to smell the pumps and moist wet pantyhose feet in my face. if you every get her to wear pantyhose. you should try foot ******* the penis while she wears pantyhose.

when i got serious with my girlfriend (now wife) i just came out and told her, i showed her my collection of ballet slippers and she was very understanding. she even asked to try a few pairs on herself! she is a half-size smaller than me so we can share slippers. It was very relieving to have her accept my little fetish and support it. For me, just coming out and saying it was the best thing to do. That also showed me that she truly loves me as well.

Sadly, it was a complete bust. I got called away by my job....had to go out of town so, no leo & tights, no Halloween, and no fun :(

SO, now that Halloween is past, how did your plans go for you?

Thanks guys. That is a great idea. I think either a green spandex full bodysuit or matching green leotard and tights as the Riddler, would be the perfect costume. And, like you said slipemon, I can mention how nice and comfortable it feels to be wearing them with her. Maybe might even get a little playful wrestling with her while we are both wearing our leos and tights! I'm gonna give it a go! Thanks again.

Now that you have decided to be the Riddler for Halloween, it gives you a good reason to go into a dancewear store to pick out a kelly green turtleneck leotard and tights and be able to try it on in the store dressing room. This will help you feel more comfortable about being seen by others in your leotards and tights. The salesladies were always very helpful to me. As I stepped out of the dressing room, she zipped up my leotard in the back for me and led me across the store in full view of the other customers to let me check out the fit in the big triple mirrors on the other side. I went in asking to be fitted for in a light green turtleneck leotard and tights for a Halloween costume that my girlfriend was making for me. I said I did not know yet what it would be, but she wanted me to get the leotards and tights to wear for it. As I was paying for them, I made a comment like I don't know what I would do with them after Halloween. She suggested I could sleep in them. So, tried it and still love wearing them to bed.

By not saying exactly what I would be, the saleslady volunteered some good suggestions, like the Jolly Green Giant, which I did do for a couple of parties. Later I found a "Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtle" backpack which I wore with a green eye mask, looked pretty silly but was fun way to wear leotards and tights around my friends. After that I found a way to paint question marks on the tights and leotard so I could make it a Riddler costume. Another time, a free Superman iron-on gave me reason to buy the blue leotards and tights and red dance trunks and few accessories to be the man of steel. Once you have worn for a costume, you have every reason you need, as if you needed one, to have leotards and tights in your wardrobe.

So don't pass up this chance when you go to purchase your green leotards and tights to try them on in the store. They might not have the color or size and will have to order them. Still you can as to try some on to check the size which only makes sense because you will be buying leotards and tights for yourself made in womens sizes. After you have decided to buy them, and While you are wearing your new leotards and tights, you can asked to be fitted for some dance slippers or jazz shoes. That will keep you out in the store wearing your new outfit. Let us know how it goes for you. I have had good experiences with my leotard and tights dressing preferences that I am happy to share, never a negative response.

I agree with slipemon -- take this opportunity to dress in a leotard and tights yourself. Make sure you let us know how this turns out!!

Halloween is a great time for you to dress in leotard and tights based costume with your girlfriend. You can surprise her and then tell her how nice they feel on you while you are still in costume. I did this with several girlfriends and got some to dress with me in leotards and tights. Never had a bad response and I bet you will not either. Instead you can look forward to many fun and titilatting experiences dressing with your gf. If she is going to be Catwoman, you could dress as Batman or Robin or Riddler, or even Catwoman too. You could dress as a sexy kitty like her. What a surprise that will be. Have fun.

you couldn.t have said it better iam going have some dress up with the wife with leotards tights mimi skirts i already told her i like the mini skirt idea and i got a reply from my yoga instructor shes all for it she said wear your leotard and tights to class next week and she will wear hers wow what a new adventure thanks for the help slipmon

Doesn\'t get any better than that. So you decided to ask your yoga instructor instead of just wear them. What if she had said No? Worked out for the better anyway and that was a very encouraging invitation. She will be expecting you now so you can\'t disappoint. Enjoy