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I don't know anyone that hasn't gotten tired of stick figures at some point in their life.  Ever met or been in a relationship with a girl that looked like you could toss her in the air like a small bat? While they're still attractive, they don't have what I want. You can't really hold them in an embrace, you sometimes feel like you could easily knock them over, and they generally just don't look natural. 

Most of the time, I like to listen to my gut when it speaks to me. You look at a supermodel and agree that she's hot. However, she's only hot to the degree of a one-night-stand. Then you look at a bikini model, and I'm talking about the all natural ones that don't have any work done. Those are the girls you'd want as a permanent bedside companion, one you'd explore every night until the End of Days. 

I am lucky enough to have been in relationships with girls that were and still are sensuously curvy. The most I would have to look forward to was letting my fingers rediscover every crease, every dimple, every muscle, every everything. One thing I noticed between curvy and stick girls is when you do this gentle finger drag, not only can you not find any creases on her body besides the crack of her *** but you don't have to move your wrist to trace her outline. It might just be me, but I find something wrong with that. 

But this isn't to bash skinny girls, this is an expression about how wonderful the shapely women of our society are. They are incredibly desirable, and I would fill my bedroom with them if I could. They have an *** everyone, including other girls, wants to put a hand on. They're sturdy and more playable than those overdone breadsticks trying to pass off as the females of our species. Lastly, and I place this reason above all others, it just feels right. My attraction to this body type cannot be explained logically; it simply is. I'm not saying they diserve the attention they get (not completely anyway), but we turn our heads to look at them anyway. Give us an image of a body we want pressed against ours and we'll look for a long time to etch it in our memory. It is after all the curvy bodies that are most "pressable".

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Enigma: Don't listen to that person.....<br />
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( it hot in here?<br />
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Love the way you think of curves....<br />
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(I so need to find a man that thinks like you! lol)

"Besides, I'm on this site to talk about anything I want without needing to be tactful for fear of hurting someone's feelings."<br />
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I understand that, but still, you shouldnt forget that just because you dont personally know the others who use this site (and read your stories), it doesnt mean they're not real people too. Everyone has feelings. If you want to express your attraction to curvy women, do it without insulting all those that arent.<br />
<br />
I'm just saying...

I think you're being a little harsh toward skinny girls. Its kind of hard to call people "overdone breadsticks trying to pass off as the females of our species" without insulting them...<br />
Just my two cents.