I went to the gym today and I went over to the bench press to do my first set of inclined bench. I'm very small, 5-1 and 120 pounds and I am a 22 year old man. I incline press only the bar, so I began my first set, and this beautiful girl sits on the machine next to me. I finish the set, and introduce myself. She tells me she is only 14, I feel bad for being physically attracted to her. She asks me if I can lift any more than I just did, I tell the truth and say not very much more, she then asks me to stand up, I obey and this results in a shriek. The girl is a least 1 foot taller than me! Her laughter doesn't stop for 3 minutes, everyone is staring. She picks up a 45 pound weight and a 5 pound weight, and puts one on each side. That's 145 pounds of incline bench, 100 more than me. She does it with some difficulty, but about as much as I had with just the bar. She finishes and again burst into laughter. Exclaiming that she can lift 100 more lbs than me. She looks at me and asks if I think I can lift her. She says she is 150 lbs. I say no, and instead, she lifts me, straight into the air. She notices my tiny hands and compares them to her monstrous hands, laughing the entire time. My hands fit in the palm of hers, and my feet are just slightly smaller than her hands. She has me stand on the bench press and she says aloud the entire summary, "I am 7 years younger than you, and more than a foot taller than you!" Puts her arms on my shoulders, I am now less than an inch shorter than her. She says she could baby sit me, I am both humiliated and turned on.
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3 Responses Aug 20, 2014

In your dreams Carl

This sounds like a schmoe fantasy, rather than a real story.

You really need to ask her for a date and get her opinion on your ****, small guys can sometimes surprise girls! Or would she have to humiliate you more?