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Small Boobs Beat Globes Every Day...

I can't believe guys find those artificial globes attractive, they're just so strange. I wonder if guys really know the difference between real and artificial breasts. I mean, to me they just look so strange, even if they are large. I think they look disgusting. I can't believe women pay thousands of dollars to wear them....
JanieNudiePants JanieNudiePants 31-35, F 57 Responses Dec 10, 2012

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I think it should be the guys getting those fake boobs. I would like some! Womens real boobs are far better then the fake ones.

Yes Janie I agree with u darling I love natural boobs
There ie no sansation in rubber ****
When u suck em it's so artifical
No felling em xx

My boobs are natural. I like them.

Not all men find silicon enhancement attractive, although some do; and we can tell the difference.

Just wondering, how can one tell the difference? I mean is it about the shape. I heard that if you touch an atificial breats it feels cold, not like the real one which is warm. =))

Among the indicators are size, rigidity, how they move when the lady moves. Shape can be an indicator as well.


Most basically, they don't look natural, especially as the lady moves. That said, I'm sure that there are boob jobs which I've mistaken for natural.

On budget boob jobs the nipples and aureola can be in the wrong place. Real bobs feel better, but that is my opinion.

Oh, for sure, real boobs feel better.

the feel says it all, I think for both....

"a teardrop on C cups". . .nice! lol

Biggest difference is that those with a boob job are less sensitive after the surgery. Kind of like, what is the point in playing with them if the woman is not going to enjoy it?

Here I wouldn't know, but that would be expected.


Done well, you can't. Not all are done well, though

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Im a t/cd and i want boobs. But not those big weird things. I want mine to be as real as possible.

me, too!


I've learned to find the beauty in many shapes and proportions, artificial and natural, I know one extremely sweet real girl that because of her profession decided to do the surgery and she is equally sweet and yummy as always, on the other hand one of the best sexiest girls I know is an A cup and she is a sexual goddess, really, not exaggerating.... one of those lucky gals selected by nature to rule our sexual world and blissfully enslave us to passion and lust... she is pure eroticism and arousal and incredibly sweet too... I guess what I am trying to say is it all depends on the girl, and sometimes is OMG so hard to choose only one way...

I think I agree, it's important to be comfortable where you are

Yes, the sweet one with implants is dedicated fitness profesional/maniac girl, high profile, travels and has sponsorships and you know how image is your sales pitch in those high levels and those worlwide groups so it was a good desition for her, but it has not changed her a bit (well besides the sizes lol)... guess some girls always project their sweet side, right sweetness?

"Guys" dont find artificial breasts attractive. It will benefit both you and other guys if you stop stereotyping guys as all the same because of the small amount of jerks you choose to mix with.

"artificial" are not attractive, as far as I see.... However, to be a gentleman requires that you don't tell the ladies....

Natural please every time


Think small boobs are great. Big artificial one look so fake.

something about artificial seem so inhuman!

My ex wife has implants, and although they look nice, they aren't the same. The feel isn't right, the shape isn't right. I love natural breasts, large or small..... but more than a mouthful is a waste.

nature is hard to immitate

I hope that you lie to her through the teeth and tell them they are wonderful, though!

I agree. I have never felt an implant before, but just looking at them, they look so stiff and lifeless and not playful and jiggly...every chance I get I try to advocate against a woman traumatizing their body like that.

more need to know...

I have felt them and you are right sometimes they feel lifeless...

my lover likes to twist and squeeze me.... I wonder what that would feel like with an artificial base.

Well in order to trully compare i would need to pinch and squeeze you... of course only for investigative purposes lol... i promise to be very devoted and dedicated for hours if necessary... all in the name of science...

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<p>There are no natural looking silcone boobs. I prefer and everyone I know prefer natural boobs.Just be happy with what you have, they are perfect all natural, man made boobs can't compare.<br />

there may be, but few women looking for enlargements seem to pick them out of the catalog -- maybe because they see them as an investment, not an enhancement...

No catalog for you, you are already perfect...

You could not be more correct, IMO.


so true


I'm acutely aware of the difference, actually. I neither like the look nor feel of augmented breasts. The first time I hugged a women who had implants (a dear cousin of mine, as a matter of fact), I felt weirded out! She had perfectly lovely small boobs before and now they're just... I'm at a loss for words. But it's her body. C'est la Vie.

Having said that, I can certainly get behind a woman who had it done to correct a mastectomy or disfigurement. That's a normal and healthy reaction to a horrible and traumatizing event. What I'll never respect is vanity, however.

Agreed, there are lots of right reasons to....

Probably the most difficult thing is to carry large breasts, I mean very large breasts... They are literally a burden in so many ways....

Natural **** rule! Small ones are cute, big ones a adorable! Natural women are Beautiful!

very sweet reply one size fits all ..... lol

Small real boobs are far sexier than large fake ones

I know in some ways I'm hypocritical...oh, well!

Yes, I prefer the natural ones, and not the naturally big ones.

lucky for big girls lots of guys do

I prefer the natural look. But I love all boobies. But real ones just do it for me all jiggly. With that natural sag. Gonna go **** it

jiggly sounds natural to me...

So, when can I see yours?

You see some of them that look like they walked up to a gas station and grabbed the air hose for filling tires. You swear they're gonna pop! Just gawdy. To each their own I guess. I prefer those smaller so that you can go braless with a gentle sway.

those ones I find personally troubling too. It's like so tawdry, so poorly done, in such bad taste.... but I keep my mouth shut and just move along. Then I have to rub mine to make sure they're real, they feel fine and I'm okay.... (Very insecure girl)

I'm sure they feel more than fine. I envy the lucky man/woman who gets that firsthand knowledge. ;-)

The shape is what is appealing, not the size...and on shape I've found that smaller boobs generally are shaped better...the roundness of the underside, the perkiness of the rest...yummm

and vanishing ones?

nipples, nothing sexier than aroused nipples. I would love to see yours!

Nothing? lol....

Show me your aroused nipples and we will discuss it further you sexy nymph you

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natural is best

me too!

Yes natural all the way big or small. I think most guys would not know difference between natural and fake. I hope I would be able to tell.

I suppose done well it's possible

Makes me kinda sad whenever a female I know gets implants. I don't see there ever being a need for it, but I guess if it makes them happy...

I guess that's the need...

Quality over quantity anytime!

Sometimes I wonder how men think those things feel, I mean to rub and squeeze when you have sex.... My tummy tells me icky...

It's their money...but I agree with you on this.

It's their money wasted....

Yeah, you just repeated what I said.

I love real breasts

me too

I've watched enough **** when I was younger to learn the difference between real breasts and fake ones. As far as I'm concerned, big or small, as long as they're 100% God given natural breasts, I love 'em.

Not that I've watched that much ****, but I 've heard they helped create the market for booby jobs..

I for one really do not like fake boobs. I have never met a breast I didn't like, but there's nothing like a natural breast in my mouth or hands.