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Ok, I'm busted. I love women with natural boobs. I myself however, am small breasted. What I can't stand is seeing these women running around with these huge fake boobs. Like I said, mine are small, but I'm proud of them.
HELLSBABY HELLSBABY 31-35, F 20 Responses Dec 27, 2012

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Then add me and check out my Bi wife! She has big natural **** and loves to eat *****!

I, personally, love small breasts. I think they are perfect and beautiful. I despise fake breasts. Total turn-off.

I like to see them too

I love real boobs, any size is great. Fake boobs are not a turn on.

As long as they are real...they are awesome!!! I love a small breasted woman who isn't shy to show them and let me taste them :)

I think that implants is ok for women who very very small and have virtually nothing there at all because they want to look and probably feel more womanly but for women who already have plenty to see and feel where is the point?
The huge things that some women seem to go in for they are not even tasteful so why not be happy with what nature gave them.

Definitely agreeing with the 'huge things' sentiment, ladies please be proud of what you have and don't overdo it, it's just not tasteful !

You are so right , the photo shows off your beauty admirably. I can not stand these fake , disproportionate 'bimbos' who think big boobs are **** magnets !

Photo? I don't see one.

I have always prefered smaller boobs myself. Nothing better than small firm boobs going braless.

Natural is so nice

From what I can see, yours look great and I love your smile. I love all boobs, they are the most sexy part of a lady. Please add me. Thanks and have a great day.

Hey darlin', there's nothing sexier than a woman with perfect li'l breasts! And I've gotta agree with ya - these women with over-inflated whacked-out boobies look absolutely ridiculous!

Big or small doesn't matter. If they are real, I love to play with them.

It's not the size of your boobs, it's who they are attached to that matters.

I lo bed your story. I love girl with small boobs. Great story!

M wife has all natural 48EE.

You should be proud of what you have. big small or in between they are real and yours so enkoy what you have.

What size? I don't really like them hugh

34B - would you like that?

34b, I don't like it, I LOVE iy

Mine are natural - I think you would like them!

I think small perky boobs are very sexy :-)

The augmented boobs are so obvious, I agree, I prefer au natural anyday. Please don't hide yours though, ley us all see how beautiful you are.