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I understand there are sometimes medical reasons for getting implants, such as after a mastectomy. In rare cases, I have no problem with implants and either way I believe it is a woman's choice. That said, I have seen thousands of breasts up close and in pictures or video and I can honestly say I have never said to myself "wow! Those are some awesome fake breasts!" They never seem to slope right. Almost always, implants look like mini basketballs under the skin. Natural breasts have a nice slope and shape that makes them look squeezeably soft and cuddly.


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I had breast enlargement done. They are still pretty, but the shape isn't right. My sub wants it done and I flatly told her no way.

Yes they are. Round, firm, perky and a perfect handful. What's not to love? :-)

I do photography and work with aspiring models & pinup models. Some who had implants to begin with and then a couple that decide to have them done. One recently who IMO as a female had the perfect boobs. When she told me she was going to have them done I was like noooooo you are going to ruin your perfect boobs. She assured me that she was having the more 'natural' ones done behind the tissue. Well it is more than noticeable that she had them done. As long as she is happy with her enhancement than I am happy for her. But I was really trying my hardest not to have her enhance what was IMO perfect.

I must agree with you on this matter Sir. I work in the aesthetic/plastic surgery industry and it's rare that fake boobs look natural. Implants for the sake of implants is quite a different situation than one where a woman who has suffered the loss of her breast(s) due to cancer or any other illness. I can't even imagine that type of emotional/physical pain. For one that does not have such an illness; natural breasts (IMO) are the way to go.