Realistic Appearance Isn't The Issue

It IS lovely to see a woman with great breasts, but the heart of the matter for me is truth, not appearance. Just because implants don't look as good as reality tends to, isn't the reason I differ, it is because I want to love a woman who is comfortable with who she is, and isn't afraid to show the world who she really is, as opposed to pay (or have someone else pay) so much to pretend to have larger breasts. I would (personally) rather be with a female with less than spectacular breasts, but mature, confident sexually and emotionally enough that it didn't matter. And as the adage goes "doesn't matter how it looks in the dark" when it comes to sex as well, in my experience. This may sound like low standards, but in reality it is more of a "love concurs all" attitude, since love can account for things like physical appearance, and transcend it, even, in my opinion. Even if the medical technology gets to the point that telling the difference between real and fake gets nigh impossible, I still want a truthful woman who isn't afraid to play with the hand she was given, so that when I take hers, there is nothing to hold us back. Yeah, pretty cliche sounding, but I mean it.
PaternalKuma PaternalKuma
36-40, M
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Amen to this! A woman who likes herself as she is radiates beauty.