A Perfect Rack In My Opinion... (Pic)

The photo in this entry is of an ex-girlfriend with my favorite set of **** to date.
let me know what you think.
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Ok, they are way up there on the 'like these a LOT' list

damn fine looking rack she has there

Awesome set of ****! Must be fantastic to ***** **** her

A nice pair to play with !!!

a little on the chubby side,, i like a fit girl with a great rack...

Wow..... those are absolutely gorgeous!

Those are pretty nice. Bit small compared to my ex but still large.

Super ****! I love the large pink areolas and pokey nipples!

Very nice **** in deed;)

Would love to be in your circle please add me

i agree great set of ****

so, why is she your ex?

So sad, somebody else liked her beautiful *******, too, I guess.


Wonderful ...!

Great ****, what part of Kansas is she in? Lol.

oh yes they are perfect!!

Beautiful!!! I'd spend a day on those ****!!!

Those are great!! They need a nice load to top them off!

damm lovely pair!!!!!

Those are great. She let u **** em?


Very nice

amazing pair

I can see why they're your favorite!

very nice ****.

yes very nice indeed, more oics pls, add if psbl

too bad that she is an "ex". Very nice.

I would love to slide my **** between tose beautiful looking **** and shoot my load up on her face.

Perfect is right

they are indeed very very nice - sure the rest of her curves do this rack justice as well