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A Perfect Rack In My Opinion... (Pic)

The photo in this entry is of an ex-girlfriend with my favorite set of **** to date.
let me know what you think.
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Ok, they are way up there on the 'like these a LOT' list

Awesome set of ****! Must be fantastic to ***** **** her

A nice pair to play with !!!

a little on the chubby side,, i like a fit girl with a great rack...

Wow..... those are absolutely gorgeous!

Those are pretty nice. Bit small compared to my ex but still large.

Very nice **** in deed;)

so, why is she your ex?

So sad, somebody else liked her beautiful *******, too, I guess.


oh yes they are perfect!!

Beautiful!!! I'd spend a day on those ****!!!

Those are great!! They need a nice load to top them off!

Those are great. She let u **** em?


amazing pair

I can see why they're your favorite!

very nice ****.

yes very nice indeed, more oics pls, add if psbl

I would love to slide my **** between tose beautiful looking **** and shoot my load up on her face.

Perfect is right

they are indeed very very nice - sure the rest of her curves do this rack justice as well

Very nice.

And men wonder why we don't put more pics in our profile or send you pix via cell.........

Well that is encouraging that she knows and approves..Often, that's NOT the case. Kudos to you sir!

Love them!

perfect set ...

Looks kinda like mine.

Yes, I'm sure you'd prefer "field testing."

Well, for now, you'll have to settle for a visual inspection.

Beautiful . Thanks for sharing .


It is one of the best I have seen on here in quite a while. Nice and full with beautiful aereolas and nipples. Where can I find them.

Hey, nowandlater... they look like mine, don't they?!

Absolutely delicious Luv ;-)