Many Years Ago!

I was a young man in a position of authority in the company I worked for. All the people who worked in the production shop were women except for about 4 men.
I was always on the shop floor and chatting to my 'girls' and I got on very well with them.
But there was one woman, who was only about 5 feet tall, and she had the smallest boobs I had seen in a long time and I found myself very attracted to her.
So one day as I was retuning from the main office block she was walking back to the shop as well. This day it was raining and she asked me if I wanted to share the umbrella with her. I accepted and we chatted. As we reached the building I asked her if she would like to come for a drink, or a meal with me one evening and to my surprise she said yes I can make I it tomorrow. We settled on a time for me to meet her and a place.
The next night I was very excited at the thought of this married woman coming on a date with me. We met and I took her to a pub that was away from her area to make sure we did not get any unwanted stares from people we both new.
After the meal we got in my car and I drove to a secluded place I knew and stopped the car. We started to kiss and make out and within a bout 2 minutes I had my hands in her dress for a feel of her ****. They felt small and nice and I was getting very hard by now.
A bit more fondling and then down to her knickers. As soon as I got down there off they came as she could not wait to get my **** in her *****. We ****** twice. almost straight off and without me with drawing from her *****.
By this time I had her bra off and saw the small,yet beautifully formed breasts she had.

I took her home and we made a date for two days time to do it again. We met at least twice a week after this as her husband was away form home all the time with his work.
After leaving this company I was working at a place very near her home and she had changed her job. So every Tuesday and Thursday I would go there at lunchtime and we would ****.
In the daylight I got to see her small boobs and they were so perfect in every detail, just smaller. Her nipples were long and thin and when I sucked them, it felt like they were down in my throat but then I realised I had her whole boob in my mouth as they were so small.
It was this wonderful lady that has made me love small boobs and I crave every photo I can find of small boobs online. I have an enormous collection of them on my hard drive and most small boobs have nice , and very beautiful. nipples and I really am a nipple guy.
Our affair went on for many years and I was still seeing her after I got married, and had the approval of my wife.
When I went to see my little boobs, and to **** her, I would come home and was forced, as a condition of being allowed to see her, to give my wife a full account of our encounter and then I would **** my wife as she got really turned on with my story.

So yes I love small boobs and I will always go for them over huge ones.
But ,HEY!, I will take anything I can get these days large or small, but I really do prefer them small!
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I love small boobs, nice firm tiny ****. I too have lots of pics of tiny *** girls, like looking at them while my wife is out. The shape doesnt matter, some are pointy, some are round like an orange stuffed under the skin, and some are barely a boob at all, just a thickening of the skin on the chest.
Love 'em all.

A man after my own heart.
I had a large pair to massage last night and they were very nice.
Very responsive nipples, and I got to kiss them.