Upturned Noses

I don´t know why but I like light skin girls with an upturned nose  unfurtunatly her in my country to speaks about some body who´s attracted to the girls nose is taken as a freak since this is not seen all days or at  least not all of the paople can talk about it.

When I see the the nose of the girlsand the nostrils well shaped  I just get very excited and almost lose control with that sight and  my inner feelings are to touch that nose, pinch it, and rub it as I said befor I do prefer the white skin girls. Like to take some pics but unfurtunatle since this is  a weird think if I conffese my fetish they gonna say I´m kind of sick so I can not ask girls with cute nose for a pic. (I mean not all of them  just 1 or 2 would be great). if there is a girl out there with an upturned nose please share some pictures with us.

juanito84 juanito84
9 Responses Feb 2, 2009

so u dont like a girl like me with a big nose
asnwer me am i not pretty

haha you are searching sadness my friend ,

Honey, I love girls with a big nose. I would like to see your nose and I'll determine if I like it. Double points if it's big and upturned, like a pig. But, let me judge. :)

I collect fotos like that on my facebook site or just contact me

which is your facebook site?

my nose is slightly upturned..<br />
always hated it.

i am guy who lusts for hottt male noses

http://i44.tinypic.com/a9qwjb.jpg<br />
<br />
thats my nose, do you like?

I really like your nose please post more pictures of it. :-)

like drew barrymore's nose? check it out

I also like to see these little nose turned up, see if the wings are not too large. because I like the nose of a woman with beautiful nostrils?

I agree with juanito84. I just go crazy if I see a small rounded button nose on a young girl. But the rest of the face also has to be cute. If not, the nose isn't that interesting. Could you please describe the perfect nose in more details? This is my:<br />
- As round as possible, all over, in all dimensions<br />
- Small round nostrils<br />
- "fat" round and wide nose wings (if it is called that in English)<br />
- The nosetip has to "stand out" with a marked angle from the bridge<br />
- As much skin as possible from the rim of the nostrils to the nose tip.<br />
<br />
Do you have any photos of girls with your dream nose?

This..I have never heard of before..hahaha. Different! But not like SCARY. Just tell girls :P