Trimmed Bushes

I just trimmed mine the other day. There was so much overgrowth you could barely see anything! It took a couple hours to finish but now you can see everything so much better!

It would have been easier if I had a better trimmer, but I used a pair of manual clippers which took forever. Then there was clean up! Uggh

Trimming the bushes is well worth the time though, now I can see my pretty little house!
; )
soulrunher soulrunher
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Oh look a welcome mat. ;o)

There's nothing like teamwork when trimming bushes. Maybe teamwork is needed when there are thick trunks and rocks to navigate around. All sorts of exciting possibilities arise.
Extra pairs of hands might ensure the supply of a variety of liquid refreshments. Then heart shaped bushes may be used to indicate where some refreshment may be obtained.
*** to think of it, trimming bushes, with teamwork, may be a wonderful way of group therapy, where all members of the team could get suitable refreshment. You could say, "bring and share " :-)) xxx

I hear they have wax for that too. I was going to put in a link for it, but I can't find that product on Home Depot's web site. They must have run out. ;)

Wax to trim bushes? That's a first! LOL

LOL! (laughing over landscaping).

Love the double entendre. Did you mean bush like the Australian outback?

No...I mean the bushes outside my house! :)

Wait! Are you a hairdresser and do you mean that George H. W., Barbara, Jeb, George W. and Laura all came over for haircuts - on your lawn?

This thread is just so confusing! ;)

I bet your bush looks so beautiful ^^ However, a bush is always a bush, so I eat it regardless of its appearance :P it always tastes great!! :P

Oh you are one of those survivalists? You eat bark and bushes....yea, I have seen that before. Do they really taste that good though??

Hey soulrunher, I have only read this post from you, so off the cuff, what is your status? Are you married? Are you looking for a man to be a part of your experience or looking for fine dining with women? I will try to do some home work on your Bush, er, I mean on you and read up on your post. I'm really kinda interested in listining to many various experiences both now and past before the search began.

My status? LOL Uhhh...that requires a day of explaining . If you read my posts Im sure you will learn a great deal!

We could even include a girlfriend for a feminine extra set of hands:)

Well, sure you can invite the neighbors too, it's less for me to do! LOL

Hey that sounds great! It took hours?You did that all by your self? Next time don't hesitate to ask for help. I might be available but it could take longer! LOL! Your husband is missing out, but that's why we're hear right. Right on.

Well who really likes to trim the bushes?? It is hard work? You seem excited to do it though!

Nothing like a neatly trimmed bush. A bit like a closely cropped lawn or a neat hedge. does it deliver though? x

House ? now its home

Hahaha atleast this made me smile

At least!

I really needed a good laugh today

Im glad to help! :)

I have a side business where I occasionally trim bushes. Call me for a great deal!

You know you are not gonna trim squat! You will go right in to the house without taking a blink! LOL

Well, I also do some plumbing work so I'd be happy to go inside and have a look.

LOL...just lay down...

A trimmed bush is a beautiful thing! I love the look of what you ladies have. I love the pubic mound and the part in those beautiful lips. When untrimmed, there is not much to enjoy.
Just wanted you to know I appreciate all your efforts! :o)

Pubic mound??? We are talking bush trimming here! Ya know bushes outside the house! LOL But thanks for appreciating!

I started out trimming mine,but like yourself,I need a better trimmer,Long story short,I accidentaly took too much off the top,and ended up getting rid of it all together.The place looks bare,but tidy.

Tidy is good! It's scary to look at all that growth! I don't like it.

Not all growth is bad though.Sometimes growth is a good thing,right?

Hey, hey, we are talking bushes here!!!!

It's been so long since mine were pruned I may have to borrow my neighbours wheelie bin for the excess trimmings!

Yea, I needed a wheelie bin and didn't have one, so it took longer to clean it all up!

I have one but fear that level of neglect is going to require two!

Whoa mamma! That's a lot!

I wouldn't mind but it's such a small patch, you wouldn't think it could have such excess in such a tiny space!

It happens my happens! Maybe you should invite friends over for a beer to help with that clean up...LOL

Brilliant! I could have barbecue for friends and burn my excess!!!

Do you really want to burn it? Wow, I would love to come for that! It is probably the easiest way...I will bring marshmallows!

Well obviously not till it's been trimmed, I wouldn't want to burn it in situ so to speak! I don't want to risk wild fires occurring!

Oh, that wouldn't be good! You might burn your house down! : o

You know what? On reflection I think this is such a big potentially dangerous job I'm going to have to get a man in and do it for me!

Do you think they can handle that? I mean it is a lot of work and dangerous, but I might ask another woman to help cause they know how to shape better, I think.

Nope, I definitely need to get a man in!

Im sure you won't have trouble. Many want to help and I do like their willingness to lend a hand, I just like the detail a woman gives. So Im good either way really. Would have preferred help rather than doing it all alone!

It's either get a man in or do it myself, I personally think it's gone beyond what my tools can handle, it's time to bring on the power tools!

Yikes! : o Those scare me!

Yep, I know, it's no good using rechargeables on this sort of a job, it's time for mains power!

Be careful, you don't want to over trim!


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Yes...its time for my bushes to be trimmed.. I seem to have lost my house...hmmm

LOL...get out the equipment and clear your schedule!

*raises hand* I`ll find it for you Lelaina!! ;-p mean you will trim them for me? *hands over large trimming shears* its a jungle will need these....

*puts on pith helmet*

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LMFAO...I think you've joined the wrong group ...LOLOLOLOL

Just being a smart *** my dear! How many bushes can one have? I have many outside my house! And I just trimmed them, so I am in the right group!!!

Yeah , I know you told me you were gardening ...this is so funny ! LOL

*knock knock* May I come in? :-p

You are always welcome in my home DEG!

*flicks the handle* =o)

Yes, my pretty little house looks much better with the foliage trimmed ... some prefer their hedges cut down to the roots, or even none at all, being totally exposed - but I prefer to have light coverage remaining.

Ohhh............ stop that now I`m drooling. ;-p

Get your tongue under control DEG! :P

DEG under control! Never!

@soul - yes, I may as well dream here as in bed!

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